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Top 7 Craziest Celebrity Lawsuits

We all know that celebrities can be known for their random outbursts and continuous aggravation, however, sometimes it can be taken to a new level and law courts become involved. Even though celebrities are constantly in the limelight, which often results in them being followed or hassled by the press, or us. Privacy is often an issue when it comes to celebrities or people in the limelight, at the end of the day, everybody is equal, however, respect doesn't always follow. From Lindsay Lohan to Dustin Hoffman, we will cover the 7 most ridiculous celebrity lawsuits that have happened, and how this could have been prevented.

Lindsay Lohan VS Talking Babies

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit in 2010 against a financial-services company, E-trade, for producing a video containing a baby called Lindsay. Lohan went of to suggest that the video used her name and characterization but without her, or her managers permission. Seen as this video contains two small babies, we fail to see the resemblance, except for the same name. Perceived as a parody of her life, Lindsay Lohan is seeking $100 million in damages. Many see this as stupid, as Lohan isn't the only young girl named Lindsay, but she decided to call her lawyers anyway.

Mariah Carey VS Mary Carey

Mariah Carey

Even though they may sound similar, these two people are in fact completely different when it comes to their profession. Mariah Carey, the well know singer who has topped the charts many times for her classic pop songs has sued Mary Carey, a slightly less famous prostitute. Mariah thought that her name was too similar to her own and that it could create a bad image for her. Mary Carey was then forced to ditch her stage name and change it to something else!

Dustin Hoffman VS Los Angeles Magazine

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman, the famous American actor, was in dispute with a Los Angeles magazine over a certain picture that they published. Hoffman's image was photo shopped to show him in a dress, this was clearly false. Hoffman then took it to the courts where he demanded $5 million from the magazine, this was then rejected but $3 million was eventually agreed. This just shows how much trouble a magazine can get in for publishing fake stories or images.

Miley Cyrus VS Asian Pacific Islanders

Miley Cyrus

Unfortunately for Miley, her repetitive social networking got her into a lot of trouble back in 2009 as she was sued by a young girl called Lucie for taking a certain photograph. In the photo, Miley is seen to be with friends, pulling faces, this then leads to Miley using her fingers to slant her eyes. Lucie saw this as an offensive act and is trying to sue Cyrus. The appeal is still on going and Miley has apologised.

Kim Kardashian VS Old Navy

Kim Kardashian

Probably the most ridiculous yet, Kim Kardashian tried to sue a young model for looking like her. Yes, it is true! A model for Old Navy clothing line appeared in an advert, which Kim Kardashian suggested looked too much like her. The young Kardashian suggested that consumers would get confused with where her loyalty's lie when it comes to her sponsorships. Old Navy, however, suggested that the young model is famous in her own way and just because she may look slightly similar to Kim, she shouldn't have to sacrifice her career. This case was settled at a court in 2012 where both sides came to a mutual agreement.

Lindsay Lohan VS Pitbull

Lindsay Lohan 1

When Pitbull started in the music industry, I bet he never thought he would be getting sued for two words in his song. However, Lindsay Lohan made this a reality. One of Pitbulls lines in his hit song is " I've got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" Lohan tried to suggest that he had no right to use her name, however, the court dismissed it and Pitbull was allowed to keep his original song.

Kris Humphries VS Basketball Player

Kris Humphries

Famous for his sport and his forty-five day marriage to socialite Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries is being sued for calling somebody ‘Gay' on live television. Even though this case is still on going in court, it makes you think how easily celebrities can get caught out in front of millions.

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