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How Instagram Can Make You a Celebrity

Instagram is one of the most broadly used social media platforms in the world. Did you know that most celebrities used Instagram more than any other social media site? Facebook has been around for ages and the same is true for Twitter, but none of these has given celebrities the freedom to express themselves as Instagram has. Instagram is the home for celebrities; if Instagram was a house, it would be home for celebrities. If you are feeling the vibe, here is how Instagram can give you the fame you so desperately need.

Instagram is a social media platform that works solely with images and videos. If you are a writer or use other forms of media to express yourself than images or videos, then you may either want to look for another platform or be creative and find a way of packaging your talent or skill in images or clips.

Most celebrities are crazy about how they look, so they are constantly peacocking. They are nuts about designer wear, where they hang out, whom they hang out with, and how they do all these stuff. Their image is essential for their careers. Of all social media sites, Instagram is the one platform that has given them the environment where they can show their fans these aspects of their lives. They can take a photo and post it. They can take a video and post it. Considering that they take photos and videos all day long (I believe also all night long), Instagram is the perfect place. They don’t have to write anything, just post the photo or short video and their fans will get the message in a million interpretations.

If you are visual or can find someone who can package whatever you want to share with the world in a visual manner, then Instagram can get you the traffic for the fame you want. All you need is content that the world can identify with and you will eventually be flooded with the fans you need. And getting fans is not that difficult as you can buy real likes on Instagram. Just like that, you get a head start on your career.

To attain celebrity status on Instagram, even having 10k followers is not enough as there are people who have a far much higher number of followers, and I bet people don’t even know who they really are, but as far as Instagram is concerned, they are huge. It could be you and getting this kind of fan base is the key to attaining your celebrity status.

Becoming a celebrity on this platform implies you need to keep your content fresh as you are competing with thousands across the world. Many creative and talented people out there are constantly coming up with content. You have to be one of them not only to keep your fans alive but also to acquire new ones every hour. You have to learn the rules of the game and then become so good at it that you create your own rules; make the game play by your rules. Of course, you will always be under the terms of services of Instagram, but as a celebrity, you will set the trend that everyone will follow and who knows, perhaps you’ll even influence those behind the platform to make exceptions to their rules for you or develop one based on your preferences.

Instagram thrives on creativity and if you consider yourself a creative individual, then this platform will get you the exposure you need. It works not just for individuals but for companies also. Many major organizations are part of this wagon and just in case you didn’t know, Facebook is behind the creation of Instagram. Facebook has conquered the world and so has Instagram. All I’m saying here is that Instagram is a platform that offers you a solid opportunity for success, if only you let it do so.

You have been granted the key to the door that will lead you to the life you have always wanted, all you have to do is take it and live the life you know you deserve, on Instagram.

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