Inspiring Celebrity Home Offices

Working from home >is now the reality for more Americans than ever before, so it pays to have a home office that allows you to be at your happy, creative and productive best. You can, however, “borrow” a few interior design tips from the stars to help you create an inspiring home office that even some of the biggest names in showbiz could be proud of. Here’s a look at some top celebrity workplaces to sprinkle a little stardust on your home office space.

  1. Victoria Beckham

Have you ever wondered whether Victoria Beckham’s office is as organized as her wardrobe? Or if hubby David makes an appearance as her computer screensaver? Well now all that wondering is over…


As you would probably imagine, Victoria Beckham’s Battersea, England office is as pristine and minimalist as you would expect it to be. In an interview with the New York Times, the ex-Spice Girl turned fashion maven said: “My office is clean, minimal. I haven’t really done a lot with it to be honest with you, I just wanted to keep it really neutral so it was all about the clothes.”

This works particularly well for those in the creative and design fields like Victoria. The office serving as a ‘clean canvas’ keeps your mind focused and allows you to spill out into the space with all your creativity because you’ve created a space that allows you to do so. For extra points incorporate a whiteboard or blackboard into the space for quick ideas that can later be wiped clean to preserve your minimalist design motif.

  1. Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port

The two stars of the reality show “The Hills” have come a long from their time working as interns at Teen Vogue, where they shared what looked like a closet with a number of fellow interns. Now, Lauren has upgraded to a chic, ladylike office of her own that features plenty of design sketches, mood boards and a particularly impressive looking armchair.


Whitney is well and truly out of the closet with this bright, modern and welcoming home workspace adorned with colorful artwork, an eclectic rug and a number of unique storage solutions. Here you can see a distinctly different approach from Mrs Beckham. Bright paintings and objects around your office needn’t be a negative distraction; many people use art to relax or inspire. This is most effective if your work is not visually stimulating, having design pieces that draw the eye can provide welcome relief from mental fatigue.


  1. Ralph Lauren

With female fashionsitas providing the inspiration so far, we thought it was time to get a male take on the celebrity home office with a little help from Ralph Lauren. The legendary fashion designer’s office at the company’s Madison Avenue headquarters (okay, so not strictly a home office) is filled with art, books and other objects that inspire him. As expected, the design of the office is classic and ultra-luxurious, mixing leather, wood and glass to stunning effect. While the emotional and psychological benefits of a beautiful room like this serve the same purpose as Lauren’s office above you can see just how much creative scope exists to create a personalised work space that is distinctly beautiful and inspiring to you and who cares if it’s only you? Do what works for you!


Are you feeling suitably inspired to redesign your home office space? If not, take a look at a few more home office design tips you can steal from stars like Ellen DeGeneres and Martha Stewart. Alternatively, please leave a few design tips of your own in the comments section below.

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