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Revealing the Great Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design is an advanced method to present the coding and design of a website that provides the users the best ability to navigate, read, resize, scroll, and viewing experience from simple desktop, to any other device such as tablets, mobile phones, and laptops.

Flexibility is the best name that can be given to the responsive web designing. It provides the freedom to users to align their screen or font size based to the size and design of their screen. The responsiveness is entirely about working on all kinds and types of screen sizes such as desktops, smartphones, tablets, LCD screens, laptops, and so on.

In our tech-savvy world today, responsive web design is considered as the most crucial thing when it comes to web developing and designing. A responsive web design holds great advantages such as the following:

  • Google favors a responsive website – The websites with a responsive design would have similar HTML and URL codes even when they are accessed over various/multiple devices. This makes it much easier for the Google bots to crawl, search, and organize the content of your website. In order to learn more, you can check out some of the websites with high ranking and carefully observe what a responsive web design employs.
  • Boosts User Experience – A responsive website offers enhanced user experience. The user experience greatly affects the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If your website can provide good browsing experience for visitors there are greater chances of it to rank higher of SERPs.
  • Easy to update or change – when using a website with a responsive design, making updates across various devices is much easier, since you only need to modify the coding on one URL. This comes really handy when you need to make quick changes to your website content.
  • Linking and sharing becomes much easier – one very important factor a responsive web design can provide in terms of website optimization for search engine is the high quality link building. Having similar link for you desktop and mobile versions help with easier promotion as well as link sharing. It is also greatly beneficial if you give your visitors one link to share among their family and friends.
  • Much faster loading time – The websites that use responsive design usually load much faster than the dedicated mobile sites. There are studies that shown loading speed as a very important factor that affects the website on SERPs.

If you’re not doing a responsive web design, you’re missing on a great opportunity. This is no shock or surprise that everyone is already going mobile and it’s now considered as a growing, huge trend in online marketing. However, there are still a lot of companies that think responsive website design is an alien thing and aren’t aware of the benefits it provides to businesses. So start giving great attention to this technology trend in order to enhance you website’s capabilities.

So, whenever you’re designing a website, or getting your website designed by a web designing company, you have to keep 3 major things as your priority: money, time, and the browser needs, which can be achieved through a responsive web design.

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