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Making Your Website Safe for All to Use

As a website owner, it is your job to ensure that your site is safe for everybody to use. If you don’t, then you could put both yourself and your site’s viewers in real danger… both online and physically.

To see the different areas of your site that you need to sure up and straighten, and to see who and what can help you set about this task, make sure to read on.

Keep your audience/customer details safe by remaining updated

If you store your audience/customer bank details on your site after financial transactions are made, primarily, then you need to be ensuring that everything pertaining to your customers are safeguarded. The best way to do this is to update the software you use to run your site.

As soon as a new CMS version is rolled out, you should be ensuring that you update to it. By doing so, you will see your site protected against the most dangerous cyber threats, those being the most modern. By installing a new plugin, a vulnerability on your site could be patched for you, too, which could even see you avoid the most common kind of website attacks, those that are automated.

To cover your site from threats during the time you spend updating its security, you should have a website firewall in place. This will see your security hole become virtually patched for a short amount of time, meaning you’d never have to worry about your site becoming compromised, even when it’s in its most vulnerable state.

Hire the right staff

When your income and more importantly, traffic! When everything comes from your website, you better make sure you are hiring the right staff, and you should never give them the “Super Admin” passwords. All it takes is a disgruntled staff to have a bad day, and there goes your website and your potential clients!

A safe way to fix this before it happens is making sure your website hosting offers a backup service. If anyone, not just a disgruntled staff, but anyone at all creates havoc within your website; you make one phone call to your web HOST, explain the situation, then they will back up your site and remove the user who created the mess, plus they will most likely have you change your password as well, just in case.

Keep your admin password secure

As the admin of your site, your account will be the one that is targeted by cybercriminals when they seek to breach your website and steal your audience/customer details. For this reason, you just must be ensuring your account is as fortified as it can be.

To make sure this is the case, keep your password secure. It might sound simple, but it’s something that you must be reminded about! Your admin password shouldn’t replicate any other password that you use. It should be longer than 12 characters, and it should include many different characters. In regards to the latter, you should try replacing the letter O with the number 0 — by doing so; your admin password will be tough to crack.

Ensure nobody struggles to read your site

Making sure your site is safe for all to use is not just about safeguarding it against cybercriminals and the threats that they pose. It’s also about protecting your audience base from suffering physically when they access and seek to read the information on it. It’s true; your site can be a physical danger to some of the users of it.

Specifically, it can be a danger to users who are hard of sight. Naturally, not everybody that accesses your site is going to have perfect vision, and if your site doesn’t have alternative pieces of text for these people to read then their eyes can become severely strained. Every user of your site is essential, regardless of the state of their sight, which is why you should be working alongside a web hosting and web design company such as Parxavenue who make sure all web browsers can read your website with screen-readers for people who can’t see or hear very well! Your site has to be user-friendly for everyone on this planet and not only people who are 100% healthy because in the real world, but that’s also not the case.

Web developers and technical SEO’s should have a heart! Have a heart and think about people with disabilities when you’re building your website; who knows, if you don’t care about ‘everyone’ then why should search engines care about you!? Human beings speak real languages, like English or French plus many more. Humans, especially humans with disabilities do not understand PHP or any other programming language, therefore take a few minutes to fill out your alt-attributes correctly.

You have to protect everybody that uses and accesses your site — so, take the advice above and change your website to be safer.

If you have any questions, please ask below!