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6 Essential Must-Haves for a Business Website

Web Design and Development ServicesIt is undoubtedly a true fact that designing and developing a business website is not the tea of everybody’s cup. It becomes just like a Herculean task when designers and developers start working on a pure business website. Here, in this highly comprehensive post, I am going to discuss all those web design and development aspects in greater details which make a website, truly a business website.

1. The obtainment of a good and catchy URL

Obtaining a good and catchy URL is one of the most primary things to accomplish a meaningful business website. You have to make sure that the URL which you have obtained is making sense to your business and clearly reflecting what you actually do. Once this job comes to a close, it’s time to begin building a website. A professionally designed and developed business website not only betters the digital footprints of your venture, but also acts as an engagement enhancer with your brand.

2. A Logical Roadmap

There is no doubt about the fact that a business website should be aesthetically pleasing and eye-soothing, but its overall utility, structure and usefulness are also equally important. Before you opt for a server or just type an HTML tag, it is of crucial importance for you to map out the ways your website would work upon in the times to come.

This is of utmost significance for both user experience and for SEO, in the light of the fact that the search engine giant Google always takes into account textual content and the structure of the website as far as its ranking is concerned. So, just plan out and develop a full-scale designing model for the site — that’s what competent designers call the “wire-framing”.

3. Crucial Business Information

The biggest disappointment comes to the people at the time when they start designing and developing a website which actually they want, and simply not the site that they actually need. For example, a restaurant site generally has a huge ‘about us’ page ignoring all the basic elements like quick get-in-touch information, utility menu and directions. As far as mission statement is concerned, try to keep it as short as you can. You must remember that writing about those things which viewers often skim provides you with no advantage at all. Depending upon the temperament and nature of your venture, you must have on your website a set of some certain things that directly come into the realm of “pure and relevant information.”

4. Clear Navigation

It is said that a map has no utility in the absence of a legend. In the same way, a business website is quite useless if it does not have a smooth and user-friendly navigation. Stay assured that each and everything that you have on your website is easy-to-understand while carrying logical names for all pages of your site including contact us, about us, FAQs, etc. Being over smart may be a total turn-down for visitors.

When preparing your strategy for a user friendly-navigation, you should consider ‘call to action’ for sure.

This strategy may include the given below points according to the nature of your business-

  • Please place your order right here
  • Get in touch with us through email for a quote
  • Become our valued member
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Have a virtual tour to our store
  • Request a prompt call back
  • Call us to talk to our customer care officer etc.

5. Security

Needless to say that cyberspace is full of countless security threats making online environment vulnerable for visitors. When you are selling something online, you must be highly particular about the security of the buyers. The more a buyer feels secured on your website, the more unhesitatingly he places order for products and services on your website.

You have to protect your customers by installing world renowned SSL certificates. The SSL certificate are well-known for encrypting all kinds of communications that happen between you and your customers.

These days, more than 55% transactions are taking place online with the growing use of wireless technology, and in the times to come, this figure is going to grow by leaps and bounds across the globe. Providing a sense of undaunted security to your visitors and buyers is your principal responsibility.

6. Social Media Integration

In the contemporary times, no business website can underestimate the power of social media. It is a new-age phenomenon that can help you a lot in the actualization of all your business dreams. Most organizations dealing in online sales have their own social media teams to execute their strategies to grab more and more customers by making a strategic use of social media. Integrating these important social media channels into your website will prove to be highly helpful for boosting up your SEO. It will enhance the footprints of your business in the whole social cyberspace while building up your fan following and loyalists across the world.


These activities include the following-

  • A comprehensive analysis of what your close competitors are doing
  • Planning your strategy to give a tough fight to them
  • Enhance your social media presence to dominate the cyberspace
  • Range of products and services and their pricing parameters
  • If you are a service provider, then making your quotes competitive
  • Tailor and alter content from time to time as per the requirements
  • Providing easier and convenient payment making options to your customers
  • Regular monitoring of the website to deliver excellence

If you are always particular about all the aspects and elements stated above, nothing can stop you from making progress in your business by leaps and bounds.

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