What are the Benefits of a Remote Software Engineer?

When you start looking for a knowledgeable professional to work on your project, the chances are high that you may come across two common terms repeatedly, i.e., in-house software developers and remote software developers. Have you ever thought which option you should be better off with? No? Then, we must notify you that it is a wise decision to count on the latter instead of the former. Yes, you got that right! But why? Well, we have a large number of reasons to make you believe how taking the plunge to hire remote developers can prove to be beneficial for your next app development or software development project.

Want to wrap your mind around all those solid reasons now? Then, let’s begin this primer perusing journey straight away:

What Are The Advantages You Will Get When You Hire Remote Software Engineers?

Did you know that a study carried out by Stanford University revealed that remote staff were 13.5% more productive than their in-house colleagues? Yes, that’s true! The traditional method of working is now shifting towards an entirely new method, known as remote working. And because of this, the demand for remote software engineers is growing day by day.

Now, let’s take a glimpse of all the pros that you can get when you decide to hire remote developers:

1. You Can Leverage Increased Employee Retention

You might find it difficult to believe, but the truth is that counting on remote working systems can enhance employee loyalty and retention rates at your organization. Yes, for example, assume that one of your top performers decides to resign from your agency, in that case, you will have to spend wads of time, money, and resources to hire a new worker and train them to reach your previous developer’s level.

Be mindful, that the landscape of the workplace is changing at a faster pace nowadays. Recent research performed by credible entities found that establishments that fail to meet employees’ expectations these days will face a lot of issues while looking for top heads in the labor market and continuing to work with their current employees. In short, employee turnover is an extremely expensive affair in the 21st century. Thus, one suggestion you must implement without any delay is to keep your technical workers happy by giving them the option to work from home as long as their performance doesn’t deteriorate.

Apart from all this, some important statistics that have been brought to light by organizations that allow to hire remote software engineers are:

  1. 51% of staff are actively searching for new employment or are open to joining one.
  2. 55% of remote software professionals are likely to search for the next job if they are not allowed to work from a remote location anymore.
  3. 61% of remote staff would expect a salary increment if they were not allowed to work from a distant region.
  4. 51% of organizational professionals say that they would shift to a new job that allows them to adopt a flexible working schedule.

Now if you are fully inspired to hire remote developers to work on your mobile app development project, we would advise you to avail remote hiring services from a top-class IT company only.

2. You Can Get Access To More Talented Individuals

Yes, if the words of a leading technical assessment and remote interview solution provider are to be believed, 41% out of 7,0000 employers said that they face talent shortage issues when they begin recruiting skilled individuals for their company. What’s more? Even at the present, a myriad of industries are seeing a sharp boost in the demand for skilled developers. Hence, it is the main reason why hunting for accomplished developers in your region could prove to be challenging at times, especially when you need developers who are adept at a particular tech stack or a niche technology.

As a result, when you make up your mind to hire remote software engineers from any location across the globe, this particular decision will give you access to untapped domestic markets and the ability to employ qualified foreign talent.

3. You Can Make The Most Of Improved Productivity

In accordance with the remote work survey done by a premier worldwide employment website in the US:

  1. 72% of establishments having remote work policies say staff are more productive
  2. 22% say remote employees are as productive as in-house ones
  3. 3% say that remote personnel are less productive

Although both remote staff and local staff claim to work more than 40 hours per week, they often do so for very different reasons.

What else? The finest maker of the “Work From Anywhere” tool has confirmed that on-site employees work for longer weeks because it is needed. Remote workers do so because they like the job they do.

And the best news? As per the POV of firms that allow hiring remote developers, 72% of both remote and on-site staff think they are working the right number of hours every week.

4. You Can Ensure Huge Cost Savings For Your Entity

All the software engineers working remotely can ensure cost savings throughout your project when compared to employing local talent. A case in point here is that your corporation can save a lot of money by avoiding spending on meals, accommodation, and transportation needs of its personnel working remotely. In addition to that, software developers who work from a remote location need less office space, machines, and technologies, which results in further cost savings.

Thus, you won’t face any problems at all if you decide to hire remote software engineers and also get access to professional candidates at a lower cost because of the option to employ anyone from any part of the world.

5. You Can Deliver Improved Work-life Balance

Last but not least, the research performed by Harvard Business Review has found that remote work can influence the work-life balance of staff in a very positive manner. Yes, it can minimize stress levels and boost overall job satisfaction at the end of the day. This way, every remote employee can handle their daily workload in a better way and find plenty of time to participate in their favorite activities.

End thoughts

Up until this time, we hope you perceived well all the good news about collaborating with remote software developers, right? So, if that is the case, please do not forget to hire remote developers from a globally known IT company to work on your subsequent app development project.

If you have any questions, please ask below!