Top 5 Salesforce Apps To Help To Improve Team Productivity

Salesforce has a set of tools that can help an individual to work smartly but this doesn’t mean that you cannot improve the working experience for your team. There are just plenty of Salesforce apps and features to help you and your team be more productive and work smartly.

With more than 3000 apps, this is a challenge to decide on the best apps that work just wonderful for you and your team. In this article, we have listed down the most popular apps to make things easier for you. The list is not generated randomly, but apps are selected after careful observations and working experiences only.

Let us have a quick look at the most interesting apps that are highly demanded in the technical marketplace and actually helpful for small or mid-sized businesses.

1). Egnyte

Do you share plenty of files and screenshots daily in your office? If yes, Egnyte is the right Salesforce application to bet upon. Every time your colleague shares some data with you, it needs to access through different programs. In simple words, accessing files through different program results in losing productivity at the end. Here, the role of Salesforce application like Egnyte comes into play.

As shown in the below screenshot, this application allows you to access multiple files in different formats directly through Salesforce. It does not matter either you are working in your office or traveling somewhere, if you want to view shared files by your colleagues then all can be viewed together in the Salesforce ecosystem. In this way, it helps to improve the overall productivity of your team and makes you a smart employee for sure.

2). Simple

Well, as the name suggests, Simple app has been designed to simplify the communication between employees of a Company. Clear communication between the different members of a team not only drives engagement, but it accelerates productivity too.

We suggest you to set up all the company profiles, in-depth to manage the global team superiorly. It also gives a chance to the team leader to find the right person for the right job based on his past experiences with a few clicks of mouse only. With the help of this application, you can create a culture for your Company with various open communication tools and promote productivity.

3). SICURA QuickStart

Are you comfortable with the artificial business intelligence? If yes, then why not add a virtual member to your team to assist the sales agents. SICURA app is the right technique to add a virtual member to your team through the quick setup guide. The best part is that you don’t require any extensive knowledge of artificial business intelligence or programming languages to implement this application. Anyone with the non-technical background can easily handle or work with the SICURA Salesforce app.

As shown in the screenshot, this chatbot can be uploaded with all the relevant details through a Word Document and the application will analyze the content and take relevant decisions as required.

All the information to start with SICURA Salesforce app is available in a word document and you can quickly assess the word file to work with the application. If you have any questions then you can check the FAQs section too at the end. In simpler words, you just need a word document to learn to set up a new virtual assistant and improve the overall productivity of your team.

4). Virtual Call Center

This call center software is not needed by every business, but large enterprises and SMBs will surely get plenty of benefits with this application. Once it is implemented on your Salesforce platform, you can have it at your fingertips directly.

Essentially, this software allows you to implement multi-user logins for your customer service representatives and you can assign permission and configure settings for each account based on the usability directly through the Salesforce platform.

The software gives you the complete detail of the previous calls, recent calls and creates new records too if some number does not exist in the database. The services are given by the software automatically and you don’t have to put any special efforts for the same. The software may not be robust for large-scale call centers, but it works just great for the small-sized businesses that have to handle tons of data daily and tracking sales in routine.

5). Inquisium

Do you have any idea how to analyze the likes and dislikes of your customer in-depth? You may simply advise app for customer surveys, collecting results and analyzing their feedback is very time-consuming. Don’t you need some application that can complete all these tasks in a matter of minutes only? If yes, then Inquisitor Salesforce application is just the right choice to get your work done quickly and more precisely. Let us see how it is done actually!

Within a few minutes only, the application will compose the survey and deploy to the customers. Once feedback is sent by the customers, then it is analyzed and data is filtered accordingly. The final data is easy for you and your team to manage and take decisions quickly. In the end, customer-oriented products always lead to more satisfaction and profits in the outer world.

Final Words:

As we discussed earlier at the beginning of the article that there are more than 3000 applications available in the Salesforce ecosystem and it is just impossible to decide the right application for you and your team without any practical experience of the app.

Every enterprise needs a different application to manage the workloads more efficiently but these five apps discussed in the article works amazingly for almost any team in the world.

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