Steps Involved in The Life Cycle of a Software Development

SDLCThe development of a software is a lengthy and complicated process, which requires a full fledge plan for its development followed by various tests to check its working. Thus, it is must for the developing company and the client to be clear about the steps involved in the development of software to get the best end results.

A company involved in the process of the development of the software needs to put special emphasis on the steps of SDLC to ensure high quality results to the efforts. A few basic steps of the SDLC cover the development of all kind of software, which are discussed as under.

Feasibility Check

The first step in the development of software includes the checking of the feasibility of the software. This is done to check whether the software is good enough to provide a better return on the investment to be made in its development.

Design and Requirement Analysis

After the software passes the test of feasibility, the next step involves the designing of the interface and the internal data functioning. This phase of software development deals with the build of basic blueprints of the software along with the requirement list of the raw data that the development process may require. The overall composition of the software is discussed in this step.

Generation of Codes

After the generation of structure of the software, programmers come in and take on the process from here. The design of the software gets a programmed implementation, where programmers use various tools like compilers, debuggers and prepare codes for the software in the desired programming language.

Testing Assurance of Quality

After the code for the software is prepared, the software is made ready to be put into running tests. These tests are conducted to review the working of the codes written for the software. This is done in various planned steps, where the individual codes are tested at first. If the individual codes are working fine, then the software as a whole is put to the final test. These tests are very important to finalize the development of the software and to maintain its quality in order to run successfully on all the desired platforms. Any flaws present in the software are detected at this step and are then reported to the developers' team for necessary corrections.

Support for Maintenance

The maintenance part of the software is equally important as the client for whom the software has been developed may come up with the need of modifications to the software. The software is developed such that it can easily accommodate to any sort of changes that may be required later on.

There are a lot of companies providing software development, testing and maintenance services to the clients globally. But there are only a few like A1QA, which are able to achieve high standards of performance. Every step discussed above holds its own importance, thus all the steps should be followed carefully by the companies involved in the process of the development of quality softwares for various clients around the world.

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