The Most Important Two Questions for Finding a Good Custom Software Developer

Are you planning a custom software development project for your business in the future? If so, you’ll need to find the perfect developer to meet your needs. This can be a major challenge for many companies just starting out with software development, so we’re going to share some tips to think about while you look for the perfect developer to get the job done.

By using the tips and strategies we’re sharing with you today, you’ll find the right custom software developer. Instead of just rolling the dice and hoping for the best, you’ll have an actual strategy to choose the right professional to surpass your expectations.

But first, let’s see what it takes to be a good software developer. In the infographic below we have listed the top six qualities professional software developers must possess in order to deliver a high-quality product to prospective clients.


Ask Your Network for Software Developer Referrals

First and foremost, there’s no point going crazy trying to find a custom software developer if you don’t know where to look. Instead of trying all these different things to find the ideal developer, you could always ask members of your network for a referral.

You obviously have business contacts that you work with on a regular basis. Many of these contacts will have hired software developers in the past or maybe even in the present. So ask these individuals to provide references to their software developer. Even if he or she isn’t available at the time, they could point you in the right direction to a number of high-quality custom developers ready to work on your project.

Take advantage of your network. Never hesitate to ask for referrals. Your trusted business partners and confidants will be happy to point you in the right direction. Plus, they’ll feel good knowing they were able to help out a trusted business partner.

Find a Developer Willing to Work within Your Budget

As you are about to learn, some developers might not want to be handcuffed by a budget during the development stage. On the other hand, you have to set a very reasonable budget when developing your app and stay focused on this goal. Otherwise you could end up spending a lot more during the development process than you initially anticipated.

Custom software development is a funny business. The pricing structure from one developer to another can literally be all over the place. You may find one great developer willing to work on your software for five times less than the guy or gal you interviewed prior to him. So you never know who you’re going to run into while seeking someone to develop custom software for you.

That’s why it’s necessary to set a budget ahead of time. When you have it in place, you can begin looking for a developer willing to work within your budgetary constraints. According to MKE software, it’s important to set a budget ahead of time and stick to your goals. Always make sure your custom developer is willing to stick within your budgetary requirements, otherwise you need to look for somebody else who will.

In the infographic below we have listed the results of a recent survey where software developers were asked what programs and software they use most predominately to shape their apps.



Please use these tips to find the perfect custom software developer to meet your needs. They may seem difficult to come by, but they’re out there if you’re willing to look.

If you have any questions, please ask below!