Top Features That Can Make Your On-demand Beauty and Salon App Successful

This article is for salon businesses, who do not have an app for their business. They can find a list of top features that they should consider while making a salon app to stand apart from their competitors.

We are living in an age, where anyone with a smartphone can perform almost all their home and work tasks without needing anything else. Even, everyone today has been interacted with on-demand services without noticing it.

The on-demand economy is getting bigger, and it covers a lot of different platforms and markets that enable easy and instant access to goods and services. People like me are using smartphones to order their food, call a taxi, and book an appointment at the salon.

Talking about the 90s, visiting a salon and spa was considered as a luxury, but today almost all the women and men prefer to visit a salon nearly every week. So, how will you allow your customers to instantly connect with your services? Do you have your own on-demand beauty and salon application? What will you do to stand out from your competitors?

Having an on-demand beauty salon application plays a very significant role for your salon as you can allow your customers to book an appoint, check your services, call on-demand beauty expert at home, check-out your portfolio, etc. Create a salon app that matches with the quality of services you deliver and include unique features that give your customers the desired service.

Look at the Top Features that You Must Include in Your Salon App:

Online Appointments

One of the most important features that you can include in your salon application is booking an appointment that allows your customers to book an appointment through your application. Now, no need of talking on phones and jotting down appointments in your diary.

With booking appointment feature, you can manage your all bookings through an application. Moreover, you can allow your customers to choose their desired time and book an appointment so that they don’t have to wait. Make sure that you design an easy-to-use salon appointment booking process for your customers so that they find it easy to book online.

A Catalogue of Services

Another important feature that you should consider while making a salon application is a catalogue of services. In this feature, you can include all the services that you are offering at your salon with the price tag.

They can scroll all your services and choose any of the services that they need and can book an appointment with you. However, you make sure that you include detail information about the treatments and services that you provide as it will enable your customers to get information that they are looking for.


You should also include a gallery feature in your application, allowing your customers to view pictures and videos of your salon, facilities that you offer, and photos of your previous happy customers.

By seeing different pictures, your customers can get attracted towards your services and can easily make a decision about your salon. In addition to this, it can also work as a trust creator between you and your customers.

Special Offers & Discounts

You might be offering special offers and discount deals on festival seasons. Right? So, including special offers and discount feature in your application can make your app wonder. You can allow your customers to see special and latest offers. Whenever you want to offer any discount deal or offer, you just need to update it from the App control panel and your customers can directly see them in the app.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and Ratings is also an important feature to consider when you are making your own beauty and salon application. Through this feature, you can allow your customers to share their feedback on your application.

By including reviews and rating feature, you can increase conversion rates with engaging ratings and reviews, increase more traffic and maintain total control and ownership. Even it will be helpful for your new customers to make a decision about your services. Directly or indirectly, it can boost sales.

Loyalty Points

What will you do to convince your customers to visit your salon on regular basis? How can you attract them and make them visit your salon, not your competitors? Loyalty Points are something that will help you to convince your customers to visit your salon again. You can improve customer loyalty by offering your most valuable clients loyalty points to keep coming back often.

Social Media Plugins

You can also include social media plugins in your beauty and salon application, making it a lot easier for your customers to refer your application to their friends, relatives, and near & dear ones.

By including social media plugins in your app, you can eliminate the need to be on a computer or laptop, enabling them to directly share it through the application. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. are some of the social media plugins that you can include in your salon app.

Map & Directions

Last, but not the least is Map and Directions that is also an essential feature to include in your application. It will play an important role for your customers as it will navigate them directly to your salon, parlor, or a spa using in-built navigation feature. You can ensure that your application offers multiple locations support. It will be easy for your new customers to reach to your salon.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Beauty and Salon Application?

The cost of developing a beauty and salon app differs and it depends on the requirements and features that you want to include. No one can guarantee the actual cost of developing a salon app for iOS and Android. Moreover, if you are opting for too many features to include in your application, the cost will vary accordingly.

However, it also depends on the mobile app developers’ team or a firm that you hire for your project. The hourly rate of a mobile app developer varies country-to-country. Here, you can find the approximate hourly rate of experienced app developers in different countries:

  • U.K: $100-149
  • Eastern Europe: $50-99
  • U.S.A: $100-149
  • Australia: $50-150
  • India: $25 to $100


Developing a beauty and salon application for your salon business is a great option as it will increase the visibility of your brand and attract many new customers. You can also increase sales of your business by delivering the most satisfying service to your customers.
Make sure that you consider above mentioned features while developing your own salon application and stand out from your competitors.

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