PDFelement: Best PDF Editor For Learning and Research in 2022

The traditional method of learning has been highly complicated and time-taking. Nowadays, students have to manage several things in their lives at the same time. In such a situation, they need advanced technology that allows them to easily access their study materials and work with them much more efficiently. Thanks to the PDF editing tools available which allow students to convert their study materials into easily accessible PDF files and they can now learn and research in a more productive manner.

Introduction of Wondershare PDFelement

The most efficient online PDF editor that you can use on your android, Mac, iOS, or Windows is PDFelement. This allows you access from different devices at the same time. Working with PDFs is much more effective and convenient with this wonderful tool. For instance, students often require to research and study with PDFs. In such situations, a tool like PDFelement can turn out to be highly helpful in efficient study for the students. Today, we shall discuss the PDF tools available at PDFelement that allow students to work with documents professionally as they learn with PDF as well.

Efficient Learning With PDF Editing Tools

PDF editing tools can make your learning experience more wonderful than ever before. The following are some of the ways in which PDFelement can make your learning and research work more efficient:

  1. Learn with PDF: Students can go paperless when studying with PDFs. This tool allows them to free up their storage space and save a significant amount of the time and money that might be required for printing the material. Moreover, it could be a complicated and tiring task to search for study materials and textbooks in the library and manage them. PDFelement tool allows students to scan their study material and convert them into readable and manageable PDF files. The search engine allows them to directly search for ebooks for a burden-free experience and saving time. Also, the advanced feature of the tool enables users to convert paper documents to searchable PDFs and search for keywords in digital materials to quickly locate key content without having to spend enough time on it.
  2. Read & annotate on PDFs: Users can enjoy a better reading comprehension experience with features in the tool that enables them to add comments and mark up the key texts with highlights on the study material available as PDF. There are several options available to highlight, underline, or add sticky notes while reading to make your study more time-efficient with mind maps. In a nutshell, note-taking becomes more productive with PDFelement. Also, there are tools available to translate the text of the study material into your preferred language.
  3. Combine and create new PDFs: This feature of the free pdf editor allows users to combine multiple PDFs together. Organizing the study materials is much more efficient with PDFelement. Students can utilize their previous assignments, notes, and scanned documents and create them into new PDF files for studying. PDFs make it easy to create notes and organize the given information to study in a more productive manner.
  4. Store your PDFs in the cloud: One of the biggest issues faced by students is in accessing their study material when they actually need it. PDFelement allows users to store their PDFs in the cloud format which can be accessed by them anywhere and anytime they need it. There is no need to run to the library every time you need to study something anymore.
  5. Translate: PDFelement allows users to translate multiple languages into a language that the user can understand. Students can now access study material available in any language and expand their research base as well.

Best Online PDF Editor For Learning And Research-HiPDF

The pdf filler application has made it possible for students and other users to edit PDFs and convert them into other desirable formats much more easily and quickly than ever before. The following are the different formats in which you can edit your PDF files to save a significant amount of time and effort when learning and researching:

1. Convert from PDF

Your PDF files can be converted into a variety of formats with HiPDF. There are 15 formats that are supported by this wonderful tool. Students can now easily change their PDF to Word, PDF to PPT, PDF to Excel, and PDF to JPG in a few clicks and enjoy a stress-free study experience.

2. Convert to PDF

Not only that users can convert their PDF files into other formats but other formats can also be converted into PDF when needed with this tool. Whether you need to convert Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF, or more, the tool can be used for any of these purposes.

3. Compress PDF

The Compress PDF tool makes it easy for you to reduce the size of the PDF in just a few clicks. You only need to choose between three filters: high, medium, and low, and you can enjoy a compressed file within a few minutes only.

4. Merge PDF

Combining different PDFs into one is much easier with the Merge PDF tool available. Simply launch the PDF merger and upload your files to merge them immediately. Download the merged file and save them to use according to your preference.

5. Crop PDF

When the entire PDF is not needed, you can simply use the crop tool and crop out the desired area. Simply adjust the margins to select the area, then download to save the cropped PDF.

6. Other Tools

There are several other tools available that allow users to rotate, unlock, protect and redact their PDF files within a few clicks only.


PDF editing tools can make the learning and research experience of students much more effortless and efficient. The variety of tools available on the application makes it easier for students to work with PDFs and they can access their study materials and textbooks as per their requirements and preferences. Reading, annotating, learning, combining, creating, translating, and storing PDF files can save a significant amount of time and effort for the students and streamline their learning process.

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