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Best Parental Control Apps for Smartphones

Smartphone's use has increased greatly in recent times and children are the ones, who are most fond of these techno hype gadgets. Despite the much widespread awareness about the safe use of cell phones among the society, yet there has been an increase in cyber-bullying crimes. Children must be restricted in the use of cell phone. This restriction will save them from cyber crimes and will also prevent them from viewing obscene and unwanted material.


How to control children?

It's not an easy task to stop children from unwanted material and a word of mouth is not enough to do so. For this rationale, some very useful applications are available in market, which may prove very vital for keeping a ‘security' eye on activities of children operating cell phones. Parental control applications just install a “safe browser” instead of the original android browser. These safe browsers obstruct unpleasant sites to appear in your kid’s search outcomes. Moreover, many applications include Parental monitoring app, which lets you see browsing history of your child from a remote Web portal.

Some applications

Let us have a look at some of the very fine parental control apps, which will allow parents to keep a very good eye on the activities of their children:

eBlaster Mobile


A very useful application, that allows parents to strictly monitor everything that a child does on his device. From a separate web admin page, one can see call and SMS records of his child along with the entire browsing data by applying a ‘virtual fence.' With this fence, some boundaries can be made for the child and if child steps out of these boundaries, an alert will be received by parents.

McAfee Family Protection


Not a new name for computer users- McAfee has always impressed its users with a very good antivirus service and has not refused the users when it comes to parental control on smart phone. This is a very simple app, which has a sole function to block sites. It works in a way that it has four broad age profiles, where each profile has a function to perform 35 categories of websites.

AVG Family Security


Offering its security services for iPhone, AVG serves parents to block a wide range of websites for children. Moreover, it allows parents to monitor the activities of their children in a very efficient and effective way.

Net Nanny 2.0


Net Nanny is a security app for androids and is a very simple and deceptive parental control application, designed to monitor the activities of child and also allow for blocking unwanted websites. The users of this web app will like it's clean and user friendly interface.

Norton Family


Norton Family lets you have a check on Android devices of your kids' activities remotely anytime you want. Re-engineered, Norton Family for Android gives powerful family safety tools to assist defending your lads from virtual harassment, unsuitable web content and other malicious aspects.

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