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5 of The Best iOS and Android Apps for Your Family

It seems these days, there's an application for just about everything. While we can all use some extra help or resources from time to time, parents in particular struggling to stay organized and on top of their game can definitely benefit from the use of mobile apps. Whether you are needing to coordinate a pick-up, or are looking for a cool spot to spend Sunday with the family, these five applications are game-changers that will make parenting just that much easier!

1) Cozi


This application, available for both Android and iOS, is intended to ‘keep families in sync' through the use of shared calendars, to-do lists, shopping lists and even a family journal! Color coded for ease of use, this is the perfect app for families trying to manage and coordinate busy schedules on the go!

2) Glympse


If you're a parent, you surely understand the value of knowing the location of your family members at opportune times. This application allows you to share your location in real time with selected individuals, for a chosen amount of time (nixing privacy concerns in the butt!). This is the perfect application for when you're rushing out the door to pick your kid up from practice. Instead of having to answer calls on the go asking where you are and how it will take for you to arrive, you will be shown on a map, and the amount of time until you arrive at your destination is displayed. Perfect!

3) First Aid by American Red Cross

First Aid by American Red Cross

An absolute essential for any family, this application puts all the advice you need in your back pocket for emergencies that you may encounter on the go. Treatment for anything from allergy attacks to broken bones is accessible, along with videos and animations. Given urgent circumstances that you would be using this app under, all content is pre-loaded, meaning you don't need to have a connection to internet to access guidance.

4) Tweekaboo


For many parents, sharing the latest milestone on Facebook is a great way to keep in touch, but for the rest of the pack concerned with privacy there's Tweekaboo. This app allows parents to update their closest family members and friends on family life. You are in complete control of who sees the content you post, and when, making this outlet a great way to share your most important moments with those who matter most.

5) Field Trip

Field Trip

Field trip is a great application for families looking for new ways to explore their city and learn together! When you are in the proximity of something that could be fun or interesting, such as a historical monument or a great place to eat, you are notified instantly. Through a personalized feed, you hear only about the activities most interesting for you and your children!

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