Benefits of Progressive Web Applications: Why You Should Invest in PWAs

With an expected size of almost 11 billion dollars, Progressive web applications are experiencing an exponential growth percentage of more than 30%. Progressive web applications refer to applications that are built using web platform technologies but are endowed with the user experience of a platform-specific application. Similar to a website, a progressive web application can be run on multiple platforms while belonging from a single codebase.

PWA or a progressive web application combines the best of both worlds of web applications and mobile applications. Recent developments in web search engines, cache options, and options of APIs have further encouraged web developers to build PWAs. While facilitating the deployment and maintenance of a website, PWAs deliver a host of benefits with a larger ecosystem, a community of developers, and plugins. Custom web development services offered by Progressive Web App development company further add many more features to the product making it unique and robust. Before we discuss these benefits, let us have a look at the characteristic features of progressive web applications.

Features of a web app that makes it Progressive

A PWA can be distinguished from a regular web application for the following features. A PWAs can be distinguished from other applications through following features such as an encrypted HTTP protocol (HTTPS), one or several service workers, a manifest file, and a fast loading time and deployment. Let’s have a closer look at these PWA features.

  • An Encrypted HTTP protocol (HTTPS): Provides security to transactions made via the application.
  • Service worker’s scripts to handle network requests: these are instrumental in making web pages that are versatile and can function offline.
  • A Manifest file that controls apps user interface and discoverability: makes it easier for the application to transition from a website to an application
  • Seamless core deployment: This feature allows much less product development time.

PWA benefits

Simplicity of a native application

Studies have proven that application users prefer mobile applications over web browser ones. A Progressive web application is one step ahead as it offers the best features of both- great user experience of mobile apps and performance of website applications. One can safely say that it is similar to a Native Application( an app that is developed for one particular operating system only) in terms of user experience, speed responsiveness, and data access amongst others. This is also one of the reasons popular search engines like Bing, Google, etc can easily rank PWA pages on the internet.

Easier installation

PWAs are one of the easiest applications to download and can be installed straight from the web browser to any device. This further reduces user abandonment of the application, significantly. A PWA gives its user flexibility to access the application via a URL along with the application.

Enhanced performance

The running speed of a progressive web app improves because this app can function efficiently, operate like a website, cache, and serve text, images, and other content. This type of software enhances not only the page-load speed but also the user experience, improves retention rates, and promotes customer loyalty. Thus, if you have a business in retail or content provision, this type of app is just for you!

Increased customer engagement

Most businesses who have transitioned to PWAs swear by it having observed a very significant boost in customer engagement- from 20% to as much as 250%. This further increases revenue opportunities for enterprises. Here are a few companies whose numbers support the ROI supremacy of PWAs.

  • MakeMyTrip saw a 160% rise in customer engagement and conversions
  • Twitter was another company to benefit from PWA with as much as 25% more pages per session
  • Thanks to its PWA OLX and Trivago saw a 150% and 250% rise in repeat visits.

Increased Site Traffic

As witnessed in big companies above, implementing a PWA for a mobile site is a sure way to increase monthly organic traffic by leaps and bounds, from 20% to as much as 600%! (Statistics by Simicart) With e-commerce booming, site and e-commerce business owners can benefit greatly by investing and PWAs for better Search Engine optimization(SEO) as the applications are known for less loading times, redefined user experiences, and optimized URLs which guarantees more customer interaction with the site.

High ROI

Last but not least, the biggest benefit for enterprises that PWAs bring is the high return on Investment (ROI) in the long run. PWAs enable users to access websites and applications without having to download native applications. This is preferred by users as it reduces the inconvenience caused by slow application downloads and lengthy updates. PWAs also decrease bounce rates and increase potential customer-to-buying customer conversion ratio which combinedly proves to be a high return on investment made in developing that PWA.


The ‘mobile-first’ approach to win over customers is trending amongst businesses, SMEs, and organizations. Progressive web apps happen to be the best foot forward to fulfill this approach. Enterprises around the world are realizing this way sooner which has led the demand for a reliable Web App development company to soar through the roof. Progressive web app development firms are offering a variety of options and stellar services to enterprises all the while transforming the way they interact with their customers.

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