3 Ultimate Speed Checker and Road Safety Apps

appsSpeed of a vehicle is of high concern on the road. More than thousands of vehicles run through the road every day. If these vehicles are not controlled then the roads will be full of accidents and rash driving. Most of the countries, states or specific regions have different speed limits. Drivers must follow these speed limits while driving, so that no mishap happens on road. But while driving, drivers tend to forget these speed limits and either get caught by cops or meet a terrible accident.

To stop these unfortunate occurrences, with the help of advanced technology, different apps have been built that help to control the speed limit of the vehicles. These apps are designed in such a way that they prove to be an excellent speed detector for the vehicle. Speeding tickets really hurt and annoy the drivers a lot. Moreover, violating the speed limit poses the risk of road accidents.

While on road, everyone is busy reaching their destinations. But if we follow the driving and speed rules and drive in a disciplined way, we will be reaching our destinations much more faster and safely. Safety is the biggest priority because back home your loved ones are waiting for you.

Here are 3 apps listed below, they will help you be safe on road:

1. Cobra iRadar:

cobra iRadar

This is one of the world’s largest and first community-based camera, laser and radar detection systems. The drivers those who use iRadar are one of the most smartest and most intelligent drivers on the road. Download iRadar to taste the ultimate advancement of technology.

It warns about the speed cameras, known as speed traps, red light cameras and dangerous interactions with Aura. It also detects all the laser guns as well as radars used by law enforcement. It gives a 360 degree protection. It helps to reduce false alerts regarding highway or city mode.

Nothing can go wrong on road if you have this app installed in your phone.

2. i SpeedCam Free:


This app handles various kinds of traffic cameras, map features and the speed limits in metric as well as imperial unit system. It also provides various statistics regarding the routes. This app would be your ultimate friend while saving you from the costly speeding tickets and keeping you safe on road.

While you are on road, it tracks your location and always keeps you aware while driving. It is very much accurate and always gives you definite information regarding traffic on road, road safety cameras, etc. It keeps you alert on road and warns you when to reduce the speed, thereby helping you be safe on road. With this intelligent app installed in your phone, you shall always stay safe on road.

3. GPS Speedometer Alarm:

GPS Speedometer Alarm

It is an intelligent speed detector for the vehicles and also acts as an entertainment app. Drivers tend to forget the speed limit while driving on road. With this speedometer app installed in your vehicle, you will never be able to exceed your speed limit on road. GPS Speedometer app produces a sound alarm as well as visual alarm to alert the driver regarding the speed limit.

All you need to do is, set a definite speed limit on the GPS Speedometer and whenever you cross the speed limit, the app will produce an alarm sound to notify you that you have exceeded the speed limit. Moreover, while traveling by bus or train, you can also use this app for entertainment. You can detect at what speed the bus or train is traveling and entertain your co-passengers with it.

So, if you want to move freely on road, you must download this app and make your drive safe and hazard free.

These are the three apps that you should have installed in your phone if you want to enjoy a better and safer drive on road.

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