5 Apps for iPhone To Help You Combat Speeding Tickets

What a problem these speeding tickets are! While on road, if by any means we tend to speed up our vehicle, soon a speeding ticket gets issued by the cops. Most of us are irritated with this regular happening. But while we are driving on the road, we often forget about the speed limit.

But if someone reminds us about the speed limit then we will not exceed it while driving. Therefore, here are 5 apps listed below that will never allow you to speed up while you are on the road:

1. Waze:


This one of the world’s largest community-based navigation and traffic apps. This app joins the drivers in your area so that they can save money, time, gas and also improve the regular communication skills.

Just by having this app in your phone, you link yourself to the largest community of real time traffic-information, and information regarding road so that you can save time. In this manner, you will be able to avoid traffic and speeding tickets.

2. Speed Cameras:

Speed-Cameras and Traffic

This is one of the most accurate and also easiest GPS dependent apps that lets you see your vehicle’s speed limit. It alerts you regarding the speed cameras, lets you know about your speed limit and helps you know your mileage.

This will not only save you from speeding tickets, but also alert you from speeding cameras.

3. Cop Radar:

Cop radar- Speed detector app

We all know prevention is better than cure. So following this rule, this app has been designed. This is the coolest app ever and designed in the most scientific way. It is designed to warn you whenever you tend to exceed the speed limit on road. It is very easy to use, prompts action, and saves your hard earned money from speeding tickets.

While you drive on road, just set a speed limit on this app and set the alarm. As soon as you cross the speed limit, the app starts producing an alarm sound. This automatically alerts you to lower down the speed and drive slow. Therefore, with this app on your phone while driving, you will never fall prey to speeding tickets.

4. Speedometer:

Speedometer Free Speed Limit Alert + GPS Black Box

This is one of the high quality speedometers, with an alarm which alarms you when you speed up your vehicle above the basic speed limit. The large digits appearing on the alarm alert change their color from green to red and the app emits an alarm sound to alert you from speeding tickets.

What you need to do is set a speed limit and start the app. While driving, if you even forget the speed limit, this app will remind you by alarming you. Other facilities that this app provides are – it will show your current location and you can gather help from anywhere possible.

5. Cobra iRadar:


This app allows you to connect with the world’s largest community based camera, radar and laser detection system. It gives a live laser and radar detection. You need to download iRadar to understand how social networking revolutionized detection.

This app provides you a 360 degree protection. It will never allow you to fall prey to speeding tickets. So, download this award winning app to feel the difference.

These five apps will never leave you alone on road with problems like speeding tickets, speed checking cameras or traffic. So, to be safe on road, download one or more of these apps and feel free.

If you have any questions, please ask below!