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5 Apps That Keep You Safe On Road

Drive slow and drive safe on road. Here are five apps that will keep you safe and protected on roads. It’s tragic that accidents on road are so common these days. But the worst part is, hurrying on road is a major cause behind these accidents. It is very important to maintain safety on roads, following speed limits, never to overtake, and never get distracted while driving. These are few safety measures that need to be taken to maintain safety on road.

It would have been really great if someone would have been always guiding us on road. So, here are five apps listed below that will always guide you on road and keep you safe.

1. AAMI Safe Driver

AAMI Safe Driver

It’s the time for you to prove that who the better driver is. This app is designed to track and then assess your good or bad driving skills to encourage you to drive better and reward you. This app is free and any one can download it, regardless of you being an AAMI customer. You need to understand that good and careful driving is a reward in itself.

How does it work:

This app actually records your travel or journey and then analyzes your mode of driving. Later it gives you a score for your driving skills and provides you with a feedback on how your drive was.

2.Cop Radar

Cop Radar - Speed Detector

This is one of the finest apps that protects you from the speeding tickets issued by cops. Yes, we all know speeding ticket gives us a lot pain. But with this app, you do not need to worry anymore. With this app you can never forget your speed limit. If you ever cross the speed limit, this app will produce an alarm sound and alert you to lower down your speed.

The only thing you need to do is set a speed limit in the app and place your device in your car. If you exceed the set speed limit, the alarm produced by the app notifies you immediately to slow down. From the next time, you will never be caught by a cop or issued a speeding ticket. You can even use it for entertainment. Like when you are traveling on a train, you can detect the speed of the train and show your co passengers. It’s fun, right?

3. Live Traffic Info

Live Taffic Info

This app is basically for England. It will use your present location to update you with traffic news whenever and wherever you will need. This app will help you plan your journey, lessen the congestion and make your journey safe.


  • Search
  • Flow
  • CCTV
  • Routes
  • Review
  • Drive

4. LifeSaver

life saver

This app, once installed in the phone, always remains active. When you start driving, the app locks your phone to prevent distractions caused by the phone while driving. The dashboard of this app relaxes the parents through a simple method by ensuring that the app is active and also installed, when their teen-aged or young adult kids drive.


  • The setup is very easy and the passcode lock prevents it from getting tampered.
  • The phone automatically gets locked and unlocked.
  • Only emergency calls allowed.

5. AT&T DriveMode

AT & T DriveMode

Distraction while driving is a real problem. While you drive on a busy road, if you tend to get distracted then there are risks that you may face a tragic accident. So this app is really helpful to protect you from any mishap.

The app gets activated when the speed reaches to15 MPH and automatically deactivated when the speed drops. It’s a very useful app to have on roads.

Be safe than running dead. Use these apps while driving so that you can drive safely.

If you have any questions, please ask below!