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Best & Must Have Applications for Samsung S4

samsung-galaxy-s4The Samsung S4 is undoubtedly a remarkable phone that can be used with a variety of powerful applications. This article will give you an idea about the top apps for the S4.

Samsung's new flag ship phone S4 has truly hit the market remarkably with its bigger display, more powerful processor and excellent features making your life a lot more convenient. This phone cannot only make calls, send text messages as it can actually read eye movements, gestures as well as eliminate strangers who accidentally walk into the photos. It can even track your diet and exercise and give you total entertainment through built in and third party applications.

There are plenty of applications that the Samsung S4 can offer so it is best to take advantage of all these in order to use the S4 to its highest potential. The applications can be found installed in the phone itself and you can download other applications from the Android market. This market offers the best applications for the Samsung S4 so why not explore and try on the top applications for your Galaxy device.

PicsArt lets you produce brilliant images easily

PicsArt Application

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is very proud of its magnificent camera which is one of the best compared to other smartphones on the market today. It comes with a 13 megapixels capacity and plentiful of useful animation and editing tools. Its camera also comes with an enriched Drama Shot feature which constantly fires snap shots in a matter of four seconds in order to come up with collage. Another tool that you can rely on is the "Eraser" which allows you to eradicate unwanted objects on the background.

Truly, the Samsung S4 comes with powerful camera applications. But then, how do you go about the editing after the shooting process? There is no need to worry since there are plenty of applications like the PicsArt that comes with all the things that you need to come up with remarkable photos. Such things can be anything like borders, frames, stickers, stencils and more. The best thing is that it provides users with the option to share edited images via email, SMS and other social networks.

Store images, music and other files via DropBox

Dropbox, Group Play and Flipboard

Dropbox actually serves as your drive when it comes to the cloud. It is simply your cloud storage which gives you about 2GB of storage space without any charge. With such, you can upload and have access to your documents and other files anywhere using your Android device that is connected to the network. All you need to do is to log in and you will get free storage space easily.

Moreover, the Flipboard can be described as a digital magazine. It can be filled with contents and topics according to your choice. It is very stunning visually and the best thing is that you can actually put a widget of it on the home screen. Plus, it is constantly repopulating with up to date articles from the web.

If you are fond of sharing cool stuffs with others, you will love the Samsung S4 Group Play. It allows you to connect straight to other in order to co create, play or share entertainment and other contents. For instance, the "Share Music" portion lets you play the same song on several phones that are in sync to achieve a wonderful party atmosphere.

WatchOn feature for Samsung S4

Samsung Hub and WatchOn

Samsung Hub is a free application that tries to list the current and top applications, contents and games that can be found on Google Play store. It is actually a curator service that singles out the best applications out of the 600,000+ apps on the market.

Samsung also offers the WatchOn feature that delivers an entirely different entertainment on your Samsung S4 and device. This application lets you take a full view of your TV listings on live broadcasts and on demands. Plus, you may transfer these to a larger screen.

Track fitness goals with S Health

Native Samsung S4 Applications

The Samsung S4 also comes with incredible S features that let you manage your tasks and activities more efficiently. These include the following:
• S Health-S Health is your best partner when it comes to fitness and health. This Samsung S4 app lets you track your workout activities, daily drink and food intake, blood pressure level, blood glucose and others. It also reflects comfort levels according to humidity and temperature.
• S Voice-This app is actually a voice assistant. You can always rely on S Voice for weather information and other things like placing a call or creating a text message. It can also open an application and search the web by simply uttering a few word choices.
• S Planner-This app is located in the application drawer. It is the default choice for all calendar activities on your phone. Thus, this will open in case you open it or when you work together with other apps that utilize your calendar.

Instagram social photography app

Other Cool Applications

There are plenty of cool applications that you should have on your Samsung S4. One of these is the very popular Instagram. This application lets you take photos, add special effects and share these to millions of Instagram users worldwide. It is actually he most recognized social photography application worldwide and the great thing is that it can be downloaded for free. It is a must have app for those who are fond of capturing images and sharing them to the entire world. Other than this, you may also try other notable apps like the following:

• SketchBook Ink
• Worms 2: Armageddon
• MX Player
• Overlays
• FL Studio Mobile

There are tons of other applications out there and all you have to do is to explore. To make your experience more positive, make sure you have protection for your samsung galaxy s4 device from physical damage, such as installed protective cases commonly sold at sfplanet or ebay or any cell phones physical shops.

An article published on behalf of Stephen Wesley, based in Montreal with his wife and kids. He writes about topics that concerns mobile technology issues and updates. He is also a technical support engineer providing assistance to a variety of tech concerns for the latest gadgets today.


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