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Why You Should Not Use iOS App Design for Android

With the help of mobile app development companies, a good app can be developed on different platforms like iOS, Android and windows. For each and every platform, it is necessary that app development companies should use different tools and programming languages to develop apps. For example, an app has been […]


Software Review: Android Data Recovery Utility Dr.Fone

Owning an Android-powered device, it sometimes happens to wipe off precious data from your smartphone or tablet accidentally. But wait! It is not the end of the world. Android works quite similarly to a standard operating system such as Windows. Deleting files such as pictures, vCards, text messages, etc., you actually […]


Do You Know about These Best Tools for Android Developer?

Android is certainly the most preferred choices for developers as it allows making things simple and highly scalable. Nowadays Android development is turning easier with the presence of numerous tools that allow developers to perform various activities. As of now Google has Android Studio encompassing various robust tools making Android […]

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7 Apps Every Android Smartphone Should Install

App or application programs are some of the most commonly used software for smartphones today. Platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and the recently popular windows phone all have a large number of official or unofficial (open-source) apps that allow the users to perform several functions. A smartphone is nothing but […]