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Monitor Android Phone Using XNSPY— Fast and Reliable

Not many of us can feel that terrible heartache when your new purchased phone gets lost. I have had a few heartaches in the past. I am android user from many years because it allows me to get the taste of this OS from different smartphone manufacturers. My last cellphone was Samsung galaxy S5, WAS! Yeah well I lost it in a taxi and I have no idea how do I manage to do such mistakes.

I knew that smartphone monitoring apps exist but I was just too lethargic to get one, always promising myself that I won't lose my phone again. After wasting thousands of dollars on smartphones, I decided to monitor android phone. I chose XNSPY because many of friends had been using it from months. Installing the app was not a big deal. I just had to download it from their website and run the installation. I decided to go with a full year's subscription because it's easy on the pocket this way.

Why Fast?

The installation and synch process was very fast, considering tons of photos, contacts and videos that I had in my phone. The control panel which you gives you remote access to your phone was phenomenally responsive. The whole interface experience was lag free. Maps would load instantaneously while you track your smartphone.

Why Reliable?

My purpose of buying this app was not only to track my phone if it gets lost but also that I can get cloud access to all my contacts, call, texts, IM chats in one place. The remote control feature is just as I wanted. Let's just assume that I lose my phone again. What I would do immediately is to lock my phone using XNSPY, then I will track my phone's location in real-time. The reason I fully rely on the efficiency of this product is because I have tested it a few times myself. It's the android monitoring app that I was looking for!

Why Is It Worth Buying?

It's a complete package for your smartphone's security, more like a watchdog. If you thoroughly scrutinize the app, there are more than 30+ features to monitor android phone. It's definitely worth buying because it does what it say and will not cost you more than a cup of coffee for a month's subscription.


If you have any questions, please ask below!