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Linked Hacker Review

Linked Hacker (https://www.linkedhacker.com/) is a B2B lead generation agency. They have been in business for 5 years, and have run lead-generation campaigns for 1,500+ tech companies globally. They have proprietary software that allows them to guess the email address of prospects in their target market in real time, circumnavigating the typical issues found with purchasing an out-of-date email list. They are also self-proclaimed cold email experts, which is evident from their delivery stats. Prior to working with Linked Hacker, we were achieving a 17% open rate. Since working with them, our open rate has been 68%. We hired them to reach out to prospects in our target market in March 2022. They sent a 3-step email sequence to 300 new prospects in our target market every week. This has been consistently generating 10-15 positive conversations for us every week, which has resulted in numerous new clients so far. We would highly recommend Linked Hacker if you are looking to outsource your B2B lead generation.

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