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000webhost Review – Free or Cheap Quality Webhosting for Life

111It goes without saying that the world is digital nowadays. Chances are that you more likely to Google something than you are to go to a library. You are more likely to Google something about a company than ask a friend about it. You are more likely to Google something than think about it and see whether you can figure it out on your own. Most of the world’s information is on the internet. It’s only natural that now everyone wants to secure themselves a piece of that online real estate. Without an online hosting service, this is not possible. 000webhost is an online hosting service that provides free web hosting for those with the desire to secure themselves a piece of the online real estate. It also provides one of the most affordable quality web hosting services you are likely to find anywhere. It’s a valuable resource for those who value owning a piece of the online land. Here’s what you should know about it.

What to Expect


You must have realized by now that 000webhost offers free web hosting, and most people who are attracted to this online service are interested in that. If you are a web designer or developer, particularly a developing one, you’ll appreciate it if you can find somewhere online where you could easily upload your projects at no cost and discover how they would function if they were actually live. 000webhost offers this opportunity. Other small businesses, bloggers, and individuals just looking for somewhere small where they can host their blogs or websites will find this online service impressive.


With a free account, you get 1GB of hard disk space where you can upload all your web assets like the files for a website or blog, as well as images and alternative multimedia. You’ll also get 10,000MB bandwidth, 5 email forwarders, 2 MySQL Databases, and you’ll be able to have up to 2 website domains. That’s a good offer for a free website. And when they say free, they mean free.


It’s convention for online services that provide free web hosting to include annoying ads on your free site, well, because it’s free and they got to pay bills. But this is not necessarily true with 000webhost. They understand how inconveniencing this can be for someone who just wants to do their own business; hence, they don’t place ads on your beautiful free site. Be that as it may, you are free to include as many ads as you please to your free site.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be a web developer or web designer to create a website with this service. If you are adept enough to use a mouse to click, drag, and drop, and use a keyboard to type, you are good to go. 000webhost offers you a free website builder that’s meant to make creating a website an easy task for anyone who’s interested.


Of course, free stuff is not always impressive because you are likely to miss a few essential features here and there. That’s why 000webhost has two more web hosting plans: Premium –Silver Hosting and Business – Gold Hosting. With the Premium plan, you’ll get to host an unlimited number of websites, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited FTP Users, Unlimited Email Accounts, a free domain name, among others. As per the writing of this article, the Premium plan is only $3.49/month. The only downside to this plan as with the free plan is that there is no SSL support. So if you intend to host an e-commerce website or something that deals with sensitive financial or alternative sensitive data, you’ll want to consider the Business – Gold hosting plan. With the Business hosting plan, you’ll get all the features in the Premium plan plus daily backups of your website assets, deluxe live support, and free SSL Certificate to protect the data of your clients and improve the SEO rankings of your website. As per the writing of this article, the Business hosting plan is only $7.95/month.

Regardless of which plan you decide to go with, you’ll invariably have access to an administrative area of the hosting service called the cPanel. It’s like the control panel of the Windows Operating System, not in terms of the user interface but in terms of functionality. It’s an area where you’ll be managing your website. From there you can upload your website, delete what you no longer need, manage your MySQL databases, handle your PHP scripts, and essentially do administrative stuff. It’s a very powerful and robust section of the hosting service because it enables you to do very important things with so much ease.


If you are looking for a way of making some extra money, perhaps you may find the affiliate program of 000webhost interesting. The hosting service offers you the opportunity to make money by helping to spread the word about their services. If your site, blog, or social media accounts have good traffic, you can consider that as an opportunity to make some extra cash. You can sign up for the affiliate program of 000webhost, for free, and get your affiliate link or even use some of their pre-made banners and post them in one of your sites or social media accounts. For every new user who signs up for the site’s paid services through one of your affiliate links, you have the potential of making up to $100.


  • The free hosting service is ideal for anyone with no major demands for web hosting.
  • There is extra support for the paid plans.
  • There is a forum where all users of the service can exchange advice on any challenges they encounter with the hosting service. Sometimes customer service or support isn’t always the best option. Visiting the forum can save some time on some issues, particularly those that many users may have already encountered before.
  • The absence of annoying ads in the free hosting service is a winner for most people.
  • The features offered for the paid hosting plans are perfect.
  • The prices are right.


  • There is no extra support for the free hosting service.
  • Only the Business – Gold Hosting Plan has SSL support.
  • The websites under the free hosting plan are not always online. They are likely to go offline for an hour within every 24 hours.
  • Accounts under the free hosting plan can be terminated without notice and cause.

If you are looking for free web hosting, 000webhost is one of your best options. If you are looking for affordable web hosting with great features and services, this is the service for you.


000webhost is an online web hosting service that’s ideal for those looking for free web hosting, as well as those in the need for an affordable web hosting service. It provides really amazing features and resources in its free web hosting plan, and the deal just gets better with its paid hosting plans. If you want something simple, go for the free hosting plan, but don’t expect too much from it; there is only so much that you can get for free. If you want something more robust, feature rich, and secure, go for the paid web hosting plans, particularly the Business – Gold Hosting plan. The price at which this online hosting service offers its services makes it one of the most affordable and reliable web hosting services online.

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