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Spyzie – Increase the Safety of Your Children with this Amazing and Reliable Tool

If there is one thing that bothers a caring parent, it’s the safety of his or her children. Often, parents find themselves wishing they were gods so that they could be everywhere at the same time to ensure the safety of their children. However, the fact that they are merely human cannot be ignored and they find themselves hoping that all will be well as they leave the safety of their children to chance. Parents allow their children to go to school in the morning and hope that they will stay safe and come back home in one piece.

As a parent, you may not be a God yet and your safety net may be limited by your human capacity as a protector but thanks to technology, you can increase the scope of your safety net to keep your children safer.

Spyzie is an iPhone and Android app that enables you to track and monitor your child’s whereabouts through their smartphone. It has robust and convenient features that will make you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your children are under your wings. Mom and Dad, here is the app that will help relieve the concern for your child’s safety.


The first thing you should notice about Spyzie is that it enables both children and parents to track each other. This is not just a tool for spying on your kids but if you have a healthy relationship with your child and there is a solid trust between you, then you don’t have to spy on them unnecessarily. Suppose you are on a county fair or in a vast place with many people that anyone could easily be separated from their friends and family, wouldn’t it be be useful to have a way of keeping tabs on each other? You will find it useful to have an app that shows you how to find someone’s location on an iPhone.

This amazing app enables you to watch over your children and guard them against online predators, premature exposure to pornography or cyberbullying. You can do all these using this app because of the following amazing features. The app gives you complete access to:

  • Call logs

  • GPS location
  • Hack phone number location
  • Wi-Fi activity
  • The Contacts in your child’s phone
  • Their planned calendar activities (catch them before it’s too late)
  • The websites they have bookmarked
  • The videos they are watching
  • What’s going on with them on social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Line, Skype, Viber, among others
  • Keyword alert – there are certain keywords that are often used in certain contexts. This feature alerts you when your child is using a keyword that’s often used in a context you would rather he or she doesn’t venture.
  • Text messages

  • Sim Tracker

  • The apps on their phones
  • Browser History
  • Photos
  • Email
  • Screenshots
  • And more…

I’ve only listed the features that I believe will be of most use to you when you start using the app. There are more features that you can explore once you have it.

How it Works

Spyzie comes in a premium and ultimate versions. You need at least to purchase the premium version of the app to appreciate its genius and usefulness.

Once you have purchased your preferred package, you will need to install the app in both your phone and the target phone. The target phone is the phone you will be monitoring (probably your child’s phone). If you don’t want them to know about it, perhaps the best time for installing the app on their phone is when you buy them a new one. That way, you can slip the app in the phone and they will never know anything because once the app has been installed on the target phone, it can work in stealth mode. No icon or anything will alert them about the eye in the sky. Furthermore, you don’t need to root or jailbreak the target phone to use the app. The app will install just fine as is without any special privileges or prerequisites.

Spyzie is compatible with Android devices running Android 4.0 and above as well as iOS devices under iOS 10.0.0 and above.

I recommend that you let your children know about the app when you install it on their phone as well as why it is there if you have a good relationship involving trust with them. However, if your child cannot be trusted and this is one of the few ways you can at least guarantee his or her safety or know what he or she is up to, then using Spyzie will prove to be a worthy and beneficial investment.

If you have any questions, please ask below!