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Wondershare DVD Creator: Best DVD Burner Software for Burning TV Series to DVD

Until the late 90s, most people would essentially watch their favorite TV series when they aired because, in as much as DVDs were available then, they were insanely expensive. In the 90s, a DVD player would cost as much as $300 and above. Today, you can get a quality DVD player for as little as $40.

DVD as a medium has proven to be indeed versatile in that in as much as the video format has been around for more than two decades it is still as useful as the time it was first released. DVDs are most people’s favorite medium for watching TV series like GoT (Game of Thrones), Friends or The Simpsons because unlike streaming on Netflix, DVDs enable you to watch your favorite series at your own pace. That’s why having an application that enables you to burn your favorite series on DVD to watch whenever you please is a worthy investment.

A good DVD burner software is one that is easy to use, intuitive, user-friendly, and gives you all the necessary options for customizing your DVD as you like. Features like titles, chapters, custom themes, and subtitles are essential for a DVD. The software should also be able to read as many video file formats as possible since you never know the source of the video files of your TV series. If the software can read any video file format, then it means it will be able to successfully convert any video file format to DVD and burn it on the disk. One such software is Wondershare DVD Creator.

Wondershare DVD Creator is an unrivaled DVD burner, the best in the industry. Remember the qualities of a good DVD burner software mentioned in the preceding paragraph, Wondershare DVD Creator has all those covered and more. With it, you can:

  • Burn your DVDs with just one click. It has a simple user interface, which makes it easy to use.

  • It creates Chapters for your TV series such that you can skip ahead a few episodes or go back as you see fit.
  • It enables you to edit DVD videos to remove the intro and outro of your TV series. Depending on the series you are watching, some series have long intros that become annoying by the time you are done with either the first five episodes or the first season. The ability to edit out these parts and only remain with the juicy bits is a cool feature to have.

  • Add your own music for the Title page
  • Be creative with over 100 templates and customize your DVD menus and
  • It burns at high speeds so that you get to spend less time waiting for it to finish burning and more time watching.

Wondershare DVD Creator is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

DVD is a great file format, especially for preserving your favorite TV series. Did you know that if you stored your DVDs properly, they could last for more than two centuries? Yeah, two generations from now. ‘Friends’ is a timeless TV series that anyone with a good sense of humor can appreciate at any time. However, 20 years from now, good luck finding it streaming anywhere. However, if you have your DVD copy with you, it’s only a matter of inserting it in your player, and have fun.

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