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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Software Review

Losing data these days is gradually becoming a recurring problem among computer users and could sometimes go as far as driving sanity away from us whenever it happens. Virus attack is not the only reason data are being lost; there are a variety of reasons that could be responsible for data loss on our devices ranging from unintentional deletion, the way we saved it, where we stored it, to even how we handle it. However, losing data from our computer device no longer translates to the fact that the data is lost forever. There are now different effective ways to recover deleted files or data from a variety of devices and save ourselves of the usual hassle and discouragement that comes with data loss.

Before we know how to recover deleted files or lost data, let’s quickly see why almost 46% of people lose their data every year.

What usually causes Data loss?

  1. Accidental deletion of Data

This is the most common and simplest way people part with their data. However, as simple as this is, it can be very frustrating to know that you did delete it with your own hands.

  1. Virus attack

In the face of various virus and malware attack today, anybody can lose their data. By simply opening an email that contains a virus, you can get your system corrupted which could afterward lead to loss of data from the system. The strongest and biggest malware being the WannaCry ransomware program with many other virus waiting to get hold our system, it becomes important to be extra careful online.

  1. Formatting or Hard drive failure

Did I hear you say you are free from data loss because your data is well backed up on external disks, I will have to tell you that anybody could suffer from unexpected disk formatting anytime which could result in huge loss of data.

  1. Theft or loss of computer

This is responsible for most data loss. And fortunately, you have someone to blame for it this time. When your system is stolen, definitely, you are not only losing the computer but also the valuable data on it.

  1. Partition loss

That part of our disk we have dedicated for storing up our data could disappear one day and leave us with nothing of our valuable data.

  1. Unexpected shutdown or power failure

When this happens too often, it leads to an interruption in the operation of the system which could afterward lead to data loss.

How do you recover deleted files?

There are different ways we can recover our deleted files and get back on track, but the most reliable among them all is the use of recovery software. Fortunately today, there are many free data recovery software you can choose from. However, let’s take a look at how we can use the “Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard”. We are taking that because of its effectiveness and convenience it offers when it comes to recovering lost data.


Why “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard”?

  • It’s extremely easy and safe

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is extremely easy and safe recovery software that can be used reliably to recover deleted files. It has a good and easy interface that will take users step-by-step in just 3 steps through how they will get back everything they have lost without any prior experience or expertise.

  • Clear and Successful

It makes you clear about all recovery data by giving you preview before recovery to be able to choose which files you want to get back. Recovery is fast with remarkable recovery quality.

  • Efficient and Exact

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a file recovery software that has features for “quick scan” and further “deep scan” that enables you recover every bit of lost documents, photos, and media files completely.

  • Flexible and Time-saving

You can easily import or export scanning results whenever necessary. Just import your saved scanning result and resume recovery to recover deleted files without rescanning.

  • Available in more languages

It becomes very easy to recover deleted files as it is available in more than 21 major languages across the globe; so, no matter the region you hails from, that doesn’t stop you from getting back your files.

  • Supports a variety of file types

This Free data recovery software supports a wide variety of file types ranging from document, graphics, video, audio, email and other files also in different file formats.

  • What are the devices supported?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports a wide variety of devices as well. You can recover deleted files from PC/laptop, external disk, SSD, USB drive, Memory cards, camcorder, mobile devices, video player, iPod, zip drive, and other storage devices

Your data may have crashed; you don’t have to crash also by giving yourself unnecessary hassles. All you just have to do to recover your deleted files is 3 steps away; launch EasyUs Data Recovery Wizard; do a recovery scanning and recover your files.

If you have any questions, please ask below!