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Why Your Business Needs to Invest in a Social Media Management Strategy

Why should you consider a social media strategy for your business? Because it is a money-making opportunity! With that being said, in order to effectively pull off a social media management strategy means lots of hard work headed your way. Most people enjoying using social media in their off time to connect with family and friends, but they do not realize the work that goes into creating a social media business strategy.

What Is Social Media Management?

If you are not sure what a social media strategy for business includes, we are here to help inform and educate you. A successful social media strategy includes determining who your audience is and developing a strategy that is specifically tailored to that audience and their needs. This includes creating multiple customer personas and utilizing each social platform to target those different audiences. Platforms that should be used include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest. To get an idea of how powerful these social platforms are,Facebook alone has 2.7 billion active monthly users.

In addition, a social media strategy also includes spending time monitoring the conversation that is happening online and jumping in with more information when needed. As well, providing community service and collaborating with local influencers who have their own platform. It’s also worth noting here that there is a difference between paid and unpaid strategies. Paid is considered to be Search Engine Marketing while unpaid is considered to be Search Engine Optimization.

What Is The Benefit of Using Social Media?


The first and best reason to utilize social media is because of the reach. Reach means the amount of audience you are able to connect with. Increasing your total brand awareness can hugely benefit your brand as you would have more potential leads closer to becoming customers. This in turn means more sales and more money for the business to make. For example, when you get employees, partners, and sponsors to share and like your posts, you are increasing your reach. Doing this will build your credible reputation as different people are promoting your business.

In addition to reach, it’s important to remember that potential customers love to get reviews before purchasing products for themselves. There is a statistic that reads 80% of people get advice through social media before making a purchase. This highlights the importance of your business being online and welcoming to answer any product related questions or concerns. If you know that 80% of customers use social media for advice, it’s important that you are the company that is answering their questions.

Remain Top of Mind

When your business remains active on social media platforms, your business is actually staying top of mind. This means that customers will not forget about you and continuously posting engaging content will help to encourage potential customers and give them the push they need to purchase your offerings. One statistic fromHootsuitereads that “social media users log into their platforms at least once a day”. This means that it can become easy to stay top of mind when you are posting daily and customers are checking for posts daily.

Search Engine Rankings

Although social media is not directly related to search engine rankings, social media can be a good way to increase traffic to your website and work to higher your website’s ranking. One statistic reads that, “58% of marketers who have been using social media for one year or longer still see improved search engine rankings”. Every business that has a website should be invested in improving its search engine rankings. This is because when a customer searches for your products or services, they want to click on the companies that appear on the first page of the search engine results instead of scrolling through to other pages.

To conclude, your search engine rankings will get better as your lead generation starts to increase. Leads are potential customers who are interesting in purchasing but haven’t yet. This goes to show that social media can draw your leads to your website to make a purchase and work to higher your rankings at the same time!

Brand Loyalty

Which business doesn’t want brand loyalty? Everyone does! This means that investing in a social media strategy can improve your brand loyalty and ensure that customers are choosing to deal with your business each time. Developing a bond and engaging with customers through social media can create a strong sense of brand loyalty. Although customers love to see promotions happening, they also like to communicate with the business and see that there are real people working behind the face of social media.

Invest in Social Media Management

If you are interested in obtaining asocial media managementteam to help establish your presence on popular social platforms, it’s time you hire a professional digital marketing agency to help you achieve the results you desire.


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