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How to Use LinkedIn for Business

Nowadays LinkedIn isn’t merely a platform for job placement or rendezvous for professionals coming together. Although the professionals and job seekers are seeking career moves through the LinkedIn network, at the same LinkedIn is also a platform to promote business like other social networks.


LinkedIn not only helps in connecting people but also provide them with the opportunity to generate leads, the establishment of partnerships and making the brand awareness, LinkedIn has been contributing the digital marketing and the strategy of the same.

Basically, LinkedIn is known as a social network of professionals. It helps professionals in their career planning, career development, maintaining a connection in the professional world, a discussion platform for the industry professionals and different sort of business and its related programs.

Unlike other social media networks e.g. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Wherein the businesses get direct connect and access to the end customers or the consumers or public platform as per the status updating and other posts casual in nature.

On other social networking platforms, people are aware that companies try to promote and sell their products and services. Whereas on LinkedIn promoting business through spamming and hard selling activities are strict no.

The LinkedIn network is made of a unique set of audiences and the marketing professionals have to adopt a totally different approach.

There may be numerous hacks which can work for a marketer to promote the business but LinkedIn requires different ways which may be navigated and utilized in the following:-

  1. Targeting the Expert and Highly trained Connections and Customers

It is totally a different platform from other digital social media advertising. The marketer can target and aim for the targeted company sizes, industry and roles of the job which have higher chances or are the prospective buyers.

E.g. If you are selling employee welfare program you can directly target the people having Human Resource titles and authorities.

  1. Maintaining visibility to Prospective Customers


  • Posting Blog content, video content on LinkedIn and observing the people who have shown interest through their likes and comments.
  • Staying in touch with the prospective buyers or the people by whom the interest is shown on through LinkedIn.
  • Keep doing daily updates of status and Blog posts or content videos to make your products visible to the prospective customers.
  • Sending email monthly or bi-monthly of newsletters is also a good idea.
  • Making lucrative and alluring offers like an invitation for a webinar which in turn helps in sympathizing with the customers and lead generation via LinkedIn.
  1. Working and Consolidating the Email Marketing Network


It is advocated and highly recommended to have a gratitude email network or thanking and inviting the people to stay connected on LinkedIn and make them part of your email marketing network list.

If sending a non-personalized or non-customized emails ask for forgiveness for the same. LinkedIn allows sending the emails at most to 50 people in one go.

  1. Updates through Sponsored Medium

If the Updates are sent through the sponsored medium it pushes to each and every individual’s feed on LinkedIn.

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn offers the customization on the basis of job function, company name, job title, schools, skills, and groups. One has the liberty and opportunity to target the prospective buyers based on industries network, and without posing and competitive noise to other non-related messages or the companies.

  1. Quality Content having Interest Generating Ability


The quality content having interest generating ability of the content gets importance as the targeted content and achieves both the goals.

One it teaches the reader how to solve a problem and the way a job is done. Secondly, it populates the writer as an expert and opinion or the thought leader.

  1. Being vibrant and make it go viral

If you post something on LinkedIn, it works as a very significant and powerful tool.

As soon as your post gets to have a little momentum, LinkedIn provides a guiding light and works as a spotlight behind it and ensures readership in thousands.

Your visibility improves and you go all out and viral in the related networks.

  1. Provide Recognition to your Employees

You should make sure all your employees make and complete their profiles on LinkedIn with their professional and apt photos, their job profile, job history and a description in a way which tells the characteristics of your business model and maintain professional connections.

There are many organizations that organize and celebrate a day as a LinkedIn Day having a photographer to click the photos and helping the employees to create their accounts on LinkedIn.

  1. Participating and Joining the groups and discussions

It is also imperative to join the groups on LinkedIn as per the target audience groups, being active in the group activities and also participating in the discussions.

It provides you with awareness about your audience, interaction platform, and their feedbacks.

  1. Due diligent Approach to Summary section

Usually, it is seen that people do neglect and overlook the summary section of the profile on LinkedIn.

One gets around 2k characters to tell your target audience and being direct communication it has to be convincing and appealing.

It is advisable to use the full sentences in the brief up, the usage of the first person and address the major areas specifically.

Do not forget to provide your contact information. No matter if it is written or not but make it visible at the end of the section too for ease.

  1. Do not make it a Selling Platform for Hard Selling

Never ever try to do hard selling on LinkedIn like the other social media sites. On LinkedIn people are professionals and they do not wish to be interrupted with hard selling efforts and attempts.

There is a plethora of material available on Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing read it, and try to use the same strategies on LinkedIn.

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