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How Is Big Data and AI Driving The Future of Social Media

Social media is growing bigger every single day. It is estimated that almost two-thirds of the world’s population will be using social media by the year 2020. This opens up a lot of scope for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data to take the precedence in driving the social media development to the next stage.

Social media is a treasure trove of data. The more data the analysts have, the better and accurate the analysis will be. In recent times, most of the new features and developments introduced in various social media platforms are products of AI and big data and there is much more from where it came from.

Analysis and Insights – The Root of Social Media’s Future

Proper analysis and development of social media is just lost without the right tools that need to be time-saving and provide accurate results. AI is one of the most important tools that social media needs right now to cut down on the mundane, tedious work that is impossible humanely. AI can provide appropriate insights with the right data in a short span of time with its analysis and projection into the future. If social media platforms want to keep themselves upgraded at all times, AI and big data are the right answer.

AI is mainly about getting the most out of the big data and gather valuable insights across various fields as much as possible. The results of such analysis can be used across various departments to further better social media platforms – advertising, human resources, sales, marketing, customer support, etc.

In all of these above departments, the one important analysis it boils down to is understanding human behaviour. From the conversations people have, the posts, the frequency of the activity, their locations, the posts they like, their comments and so on are all collected and analysed to see how the human behaviour can be put to use across these various social media platforms.

How Are Social Media Platforms Using AI and Big Data?

By this time image recognition and speech recognition are some of the most common uses of AI seen in almost all major social media platforms. The process of evolving AI-based image recognition and voice recognition is still underway and within a few years, it could be the next huge development on the social media front.

Apart from that, social media marketing is another area which is greatly benefited by big data and AI. The work of marketers is cut down by a huge extent with most of the insights of their marketing efforts given to them directly on a platter and the social media platforms are also earning a hefty amount from it.

These are some of the common uses of AI and big data across all platforms. Now let’s see some of the platform-specific uses that have made a mark in the world of social media.


Craig Martell, the former Head of Machine Learning Science and Intelligence from LinkedIn Sales, rightly calls AI as the ‘oxygen’ of the LinkedIn. AI and big data is a huge part of shaping and developing LinkedIn to the stage where it is presently with its involvement evident in almost all products and features across LinkedIn. The AI algorithms help the job seekers and job recruiters to match accordingly. LinkedIn helps the job seekers to reach the right kind of jobs depending on their experience, qualification and the expectations of the recruiter. LinkedIn is also currently working on using AI for the LinkedIn psots

Keeping aside all these revenue-generating activities that social media platforms employ AI and big data for, there have been some good developments of AI for the social cause.


Twitter uses Artificial Intelligence to suggest tweets on the user’s timelines based on their activities. With the help of the algorithm and the data collected, this is kept refining again and again regularly to display the most relevant tweets according to the individual user behaviour.

Another important use of AI that Twitter employed in the regions of UK and Germany is to prevent inappropriate content, fake news and hate speech. This was a successful execution of AI which resulted in Twitter taking down more than 300,000 terrorist accounts in the first six months of 2017 most of which were identified by AI tools.


Facebook has been trying to find ways for suicide prevention by using the data they have at hand and have successfully executed a special suicide prevention technology using AI in 2018. This technology will identify the users who are prone to get suicidal thoughts and alert the authorities in the area to provide help to those users. This new program is now automatically flagging 20 times more suicidal cases which will be reviewed by the people working in the Facebook and the respective authorities will be alerted.

AI and big data services make social media more powerful and useful for all. The AI-backed developments of social media are structured in such a way that it benefits the users as well as the people behind the social media platforms.

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