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2015: Social Media Usage In Middle East-Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

88% Middle East online population uses social networking sites. 48% social media users from Middle East prefer English whereas 45% prefer Arabic as language of communication. Before adopting any particular social media strategy one has to consider the demographic and cultural factors.

One of the important factors is language. As the audience is diversified and the business plans might be global, so avoiding any specific jargons is important. The best solution to this problem is using an Infographic, which reveal information in visual form, supported by little content. Such kind of business communication helps crossing the language barriers and the information is passed on to wider audiences.

Leave the old option of publishing a hard copy of company's annual report or shining results. It does not mean hard copies are useless, but becoming digital is need of the hour. Publish short reports and achievements on website or share in the form of Infographic. It would be more appealing for the target audience to have a clear glimpse of the company's success in less possible time.

Social Media Infographics

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