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How To Generate Leads On Facebook

search agencyThe growth of social media has changed the face of online business over the past 10 years, but while sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are cost-effective marketing tools, they can be so much more. Despite being the biggest emerging channel for lead generation, too many businesses are failing to use social media for this purpose.

While people have quickly learned the benefits of using professional SEO services for generating new leads, businesses are lagging behind when it comes to social media. Yet, according to QuickSprout, businesses that actively use social media for lead generation increase revenues by 24 percent. Here, we take a look at how to achieve similar results.

How Do Social Media and Lead Generation Combine?

When focusing on lead generation, the most important thing to understand is how it differs from sales. Lead generation, in essence, is about finding out information and gathering intelligence about potential customers. Through lead generation, you can learn what audiences are interested in and what you can sell to them.

The key reason social media is the ideal place for lead generation is the amount of information people willingly share on sites like Facebook. Today, 20 percent of business users now use Facebook or Twitter, rather than email, as their primary method of interpersonal connection and 40 percent of total social media users spend more time using it than they do socialising with people face-to-face. It is, therefore, a lead generation goldmine.

Ways to Generate Leads Through Social Media

In order to generate leads through social media, you need to consider which channels to use. Statistically, Facebook is more useful for generating leads than Twitter or Instagram, but you need to consider your key demographics and which of the sites they are most likely to be in. Preferably, target multiple channels with different strategies.

Focusing on Facebook in particular, there are a number of methods that have produced great lead generation success for businesses in the past. These include:

  • Paid Advertising –Adverts are displayed to your chosen audience while they browse the site. Work with your SEO company to target key demographics. One major plus point is that Facebook advertising is cheaper than Google AdWords, in terms of cost-per-click.
  • Video Marketing– An overlooked lead generation tactic, in the age of the smartphone, Facebook videos are a powerful lead generation format. Create interesting, engaging, creative video content and make sure your videos tell people how they can buy your products, or get in touch.
  • Facebook Competitions– Finally, Facebook competitions have proven to be a great success for many businesses operating on a limited budget. Although this is more of a mass lead generation strategy, rather than a more qualified approach, it can attract a lot of attention and you can gather a lot of information. Win/win.

Nevertheless, you should not neglect other social media platforms, as they all have something to offer. Instagram, for example, is a great place to post very short video content, while Twitter has its very own lead generation cards feature, which can produce fantastic results when used correctly.


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