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So, you have recently bought a new gaming PC or created one from scratch. And, is it now the pride of your office awaiting to be pushed to its limits? No matter which gaming PC you have, it does need superior software to reach its limits. But, where’s the catch? It’s not always within your budget to buy the best online software! What about a solution? According to the team atNew Look Bingo, the following are the best free software which are going to make your gaming PC shine!

Razer Cortex: Game Booster

Known as a long-time maker of PC gaming devices, Razer also develops some powerful free software which can boost your machine. We won’t deny it – there are areas of this software that will lead you to Razer’s premium apps, but there’s much to take from Razer Cortex: Game Booster. This software has been designed to work with all sorts of PCs, so you can be sure that it has something for your machine. Making use of Steam, Origin or some other platform? Game Booster will try to enhance your settings to make your experience a better one, automatically.


Gaming sessions are usually long stretches in front of your screen, longing to grab some trophies and unlock numerous achievements. However, in the long run, your eyes might be affected! The solution is here – there’s a free software which automatically adjusts your monitor’s lights so that it doesn’t hurt your eyes. And that savior-software is f.lux!

It’s amazingly useful for your gaming hours, especially at night when the lights are dim. This free Windows app automatically adjust the colour temperature of your display as per the daytime and the light sources around the place. By doing so, it reduces eye strain and improve sleeping patterns, after the gaming hours.


Gaming is a source of entertainment. However, gaming and chatting with your online friends can be great fun as well. Whether your friends and yourself are enjoying the same game or just want to have a laugh while each one is doing their own stuff, it’s good to have a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) application. When it comes to voice chat, there are a lot of options but the best free one is TeamSpeak. This software allows you to easily connect to your friends and the suite of additional options it provides is just impressive. You can tune the sound levels, add echo reduction or make use of encryption.

OBS Studio

Want to show off your expert gaming skills? There’s just one way to do it: streaming! There are many options to stream your live game, but many come with annoying limitations. And, that’s where OBS Studio acts as your knight in shining armor! This brilliant customisable free software lets you stream your game to your own server or to a wide range of them – twitch, DailyMotion and others. The set-up of this software is easy as well – if you’re new to the world of gaming, you won’t feel helpless against the available options. If you wish to look more sophisticated, this software also adjust your webcam footage and add images! HD streaming is also supported- your gamer’s image will be the best!


Fraps can be described as the software meant for overclockers who like to test their machines to the breaking point. However, even if you’re not that person, this software can completely change the way you play games on your PC and the devices you select to upgrade. No secret – you won’t want to see a drop in frame when you’re playing either a shooter or fighting game on twitch! Each and every frame counts: so, why not regularly check how well your machine is doing? Fraps is all about that- this software is a tiny miracle which stays at the corner of your screen and shows the real-time current frame rate of your selected game. You can even open the software’s option to fine tune your PC as to increase the frame rate- it gets you the perfect balance between performance and graphical flair.

MSI Afterburner

Afterburn by MSI was initially made to overclock their own range of graphic cards. However, the software has then been opened to allow AMD and Nvidia card owners to give a little push to their PCs. If you’re interested in discovering your new gaming PC’s graphics and in justifying its price tag, then MSI Afterburner is what you need. This software is a way to unlock the maximum potential of your GPU- it opens the voltage setting of your selected hardware and lets you improve the average performance. MSI Afterburner has the most effect on video memory and clock speed, when it overclocks your gaming.

Now that you know which software can be useful for your gaming PC, why not download these? There are numerous other paid software which you can install. Some of this blissful software are Steam, RivaTuner, Discord, Mumble, and Drivers! Check out this top-notch software as well and get the best! After all, your gaming PC deserves only the best of everything!

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  1. Be careful with these overclocking software if you don’t know what you’re doing. Overclocking your PC isn’t something to take lightly.

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