How Photo Booths Can Break the Age Barrier in Your Party

While planning a party you have to consider many things to ensure its success. The theme as well as atmosphere comes at first. Then you have to choose food, music decoration according to the theme. Now your responsibility does not end here. You also need something to entertain your guests continuously and make your event memorable.

At the family events it becomes difficult than usual. You can serve cocktails which will surely engage the adults. But teenagers or the children won’t be allowed to enjoy this for the age restriction.

So you can serve cotton candy and sweets. Kids will love that but what about their parents. They won’t be amused so easily.

Now you see you have to try harder to please them both. Otherwise your money and your party both will pay the price. Nowadays the best cost-effective solution of the problem is photo-booth. Here everyone will surely be entertained.

A photo-booth is suitable for every people from all ages. The grown-ups will be nostalgic about the features as well as they can dress as they like and have snapshots. On the other hand kids will be thrilled by its novelty. Teenagers also can enjoy a photo booth. After all photographs of an event is needed on social networking sites to tag themselves as well as their friends.

But these are just stereotypes. Adults are also accustomed with these sites like Facebook. They will be glad to have snaps of their own to post online.

A photo booth can entertain all people.

Decorating A Photo Booth

Imagine a balloon forest to take photographs of your guests in baby shower. All guests together can make an ABC book for the baby. Each guest will write an alphabet more like “a- for apple” type. Then write the phrase on a balloon. This way the whole family will teach the baby ABC together. And the mom will get her special celebration’s photos too. Now the book with the pictures of whole family and friends carrying a balloon with an alphabet on it is a great souvenir for that day in future.

Supplies for the party:

1. Bargain balloons. (Two dozen of different size from regular11′ to 17′ round is needed and few extra balloons for each guests to create the book.

2. A helium tank to fill the balloons.

3. Fishing line.

4. Balloons weight or clear tape to adjust the balloons.

5. Paint pen or marker.


With gas from helium tank fill your balloons and tie each only with a fishing line. Then start working outward from the designated booth’s back. Tape some balloons to floor at various lengths at various places. That will make the forest. But leave a clear photo the center of the photo booth. That way the guests can enter and get out.

Gather a paint pen or a marker and balloons on the center table. Now ask each guest to pick an alphabet and scribe it on a balloon (p- for papa) and pose with it at the photo booth. So when the party is over, just upload the snapshots and make an ABC book with them.

A word of wise

You know photo booths are not only for fancy dress up or funny faces. It is a time of modern technology. With high quality equipment and printers a sophisticated serious snap can be shot in a photo booth. If you have a guest who does not want funny pictures he also gets a choice of serious traditional photos with family or friends. A photo booth agency can also produce that.

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