Why Should You Let Your Kids Play Video Games?

Most parents emphasize on the outdoor activities of their children and strictly discourage them playing video games. They believe gaming can influence their eyesight and greatly reduce their academic performance. This concept is just a myth, and what brings this myth to reality is excessiveness. Just like the excess of eating, sleeping, studying etc, is harmful, in the same way, excessive gaming can prove unhealthy for the children.

Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Allow your child to play games for a limited time. Here’s why you should let your child play video games.

  1. Helps Increase Memory Capacity

We are all aware that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, that is where gaming helps us. Adventure and mystery games inspire a continuous brain activity. Allow your children to give almost 2 hours to gaming daily to boost his memory and cognitive abilities. Keeping the instructions in mind and memorizing the keys on the keyboard can help boost your child’s memory. A study by The Journal of Neuroscience revealed that students who favored complex 3D video games performed better academically.

  1. Improves Mental Ability

Playing video games is not a piece of cake for everyone, only the smart minds continue to play well. The mastery in gaming does not stay confined to just games, it also reflects on other tasks like learning lectures, understanding assignments, better concentration, and handling pressure during exams, thanks to improved mental ability. Introduce your children to simple online games on reliable sites like Friv to help them exercise their brain and perform better in class. Moreover, video gaming is suitable for children with mental disabilities like Dyslexia.

  1. Enhances Decision-Making Capability

Adventure and strategic games put children in certain situations where they have to decide what is better for the character in play. If they take a wrong decision, they learn from it, and if performed well, it gives them the confidence to make other decisions effectively. Either way, gaming enhances the decision-making capability in your children. The more games they play, the more situations they deal with, thus make better decisions. This will also reflect on to their real lives.

  1. Makes Socially Active

Multiplayer games help your child connect with other players from around the world. Playing such games makes them socially active and instill the spirit of teamwork, coordination, collaboration, and friendship in them. These interaction skills make your child a successful figure in the society. Some games allow players to live chat with other players. Even if the other player is a rival, your child will learn patience and the proper way of dealing with others.

  1. Limits any Trauma or Unpleasant Memory

Bad childhood memories traumatize children for their whole lives. Gaming takes the mind off from such unpleasant memories and reduces flashbacks, so your child can easily get over any disturbing incident. Games such as Tetris and Bubble Shooter are stress relievers. You can find plenty of mind soothing games on Juegos friv for free. Warfare or fighting games help your children take their frustration out on virtual characters instead of people around them.

  1. Breaks Bad Habits

Kids are naturally addicted to sugary stuff like candies, liquorice, bubble gums and chocolates. These cravings can cause some serious damage to their oral health. The best way to take their mind off sweets is to engage them in gaming. Some kids get a bad habit of biting their nails, which is a sign of tension and anxiety. Once they are into their favorite games their focus shifts on to other activities. Playing video games calms the nerves and helps your children to refrain from developing obnoxious habits.

  1. Encourages Physical Activity

Video games are not just limited to exercise your finger muscles, but also your whole body. Motion sensing devices like Wii and Xbox Kinect take your movement as an input and render it for your virtual character. Introducing your kids to motion-inspired games means they will remain physical fit while having fun at the same time. Now, you might not have to ask your kids to give time to sports.

  1. Improves Eyesight

We’ve all been told ‘Don’t play too many video games they harm the sight’ or ‘Don’t sit too close to the screen’ but the truth is, these are just myths and do not get much backing from science. In fact, studies reveal playing video games in moderation doesn’t strain your vision rather improves it.

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