Smilebox.com: When Design is Fun for You

friendsDigital photography has brought us many advantages over its predecessor chemical photography and undoubtedly has democratized access to the wonderful world of photography. However, it has also led to the disappearance of such common elements as the old photo albums that we stored all those photos that were revealing throughout the year. The arrival of the digital age, the use of media such as phones, tablets, computers, televisions, etc., to present our images, has meant that the role and occupy a secondary place. While the market for online photo albums and greetings has been saturated with low-rate and low-quality options, it can be tough to find a product that's actually worth the effort. It's difficult to find any digital design platforms that are both suitable for consumer needs - greetings cards, photo albums, more - that truly offer a professional experience without being tacky.

Despite that, the online greeting card sales industry is worth more than $274 million per year in the US alone. That number is pushed to almost a billion dollars in the worldwide market. Analysts might point the finger at the rise of e-commerce platforms and an increase in mobile applications but it is perhaps the demand for internet shopping that explains the lucrativeness.

But amongst all the cheap, tacky design portals and apps, some genuinely enjoyable options have come to fruition. So, while the online greetings card and design market is, clearly, booming, This is a perfect opportunity to take a look at some of the finer options available.

Fortunately, some options exist that promise to make "how you share your photos to be as memorable as the photos themselves". Smilebox are trying to break out of a mold set in place by its opponents. The company, whose slogan is "Spread more happy" are not only trying to improve the process of invitations, greetings cards, collages, and slideshows, but making that process fun.

As graduation season approaches, thousands of people across the globe will be wishing well their newly-qualified loved ones. Smilebox's brand new range of graduation invitations, graduation announcements, collages, scrapbooks, cards, slideshows, and more offer the perfect chance for a unique gift. The absolute range and original designs make them a delight to work on, too.

"Our suite of graduation templates for slideshows, invitations or collages, enable our users to create wonderful memories based on their special moments”, said Aryeh Brickner, VP Marketing of Smilebox. “But more importantly, it allows them to do it through a drag and drop interface, making for a un-daunting user experience."

Smilebox's range of products is only excelled by the original designs they suggest. The application, thriving to be "quick and easy", fulfills on this promise by making a usually-arduous task pleasurable. Fortunately, for Mac users like me at least, the app is cross-OS compatible. It is both smooth and secure, with each action gliding across the screen. The gorgeous designs are categorized type, occasion and theme, making for a simple creation process.

While the company repeatedly emphasizes its goal of making people happy, the only proof of that you need is in the quality of product it produces. Smilebox's biggest draw, perhaps, is the potential to find something personal for the recipient. And it's easy to see how-the app's range of themes, formats and styles includes more than 1,000 products. The choice in itself makes writing the right card or putting together the right collage that little bit more personal.

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