Top 9 Tips for Beginner Airsoft Players

Airsoft is a sport that drives adrenaline through the roof. Similar to its sister hobby, paintball, airsoft helps your average person live the dream of being an action star by being a weekend warrior. A huge draw of the sport of airsoft is the opportunity to play alongside friends and family (or even against them!).

However, it is actually quite easy to head out to the airsoft field and end up spending a large chunk of your day frustrated and some of the small quirks that come with it. Or worse, end up with a minor injury because you were not mentally prepared!

We’ve talked to the airsoft gun experts at www.airsoftcore.com for their thoughts. Below are some of the most common tips for anyone looking to start airsoft. Arm yourself with knowledge so you can best prepare for your day out in the field slinging BB’s.

#1 Always listen to the Referee

Every organized airsoft game will include a referee or a game master. Their job is to ensure the safety of every player on the field while also enforcing rules. A common saying is, “the ref’s word is law.” Remember that they are there to ensure you’re having a good time while also maintaining a high degree of safety.

#2 Keep your eye protection on at all times while on the field

Airsoft is a sport where players are firing high speed 6mm plastic BB’s at each other from rapid fire airsoft guns like AEGs or GBBR (Gas blow back rifles). Your eye protection will ensure that the most sensitive part of your face is shielded from potentially being blinded. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that you keep on your google / mask.

#3 Bring anti fog wipes

To supplement tip 2, the most common reason people take off their eye protection is due to fogging of the lenses. Heavily fogged lenses end up blinding you and are extremely frustrating. Fogged lenses almost guarantee you’ll have a terrible time out in the field. So, come prepared with anti-fog wipes.

#4 Bring good footwear

The most common injuries seen out in the airsoft field are related to ankle twists due to uneven terrain. Most airsoft fields attempt to simulate battlefields, and so the ground is typically a little hazardous. So, to mitigate this, you should bring good footwear that supports your ankles and provide great traction.

#5 Bring food and water

You will sweat. A lot. Airsoft is a very active sport and you’ll need to sprint, crouch, go prone, jump, and walk in rough conditions. You will need to bring nutritious food and lots of water to stay hydrated. Maintaining your physical health while out on the airsoft field will ensure you have high performance and fun.

#6 Airsoft does sting a little

Come in with the mentality that a 6mm BB traveling at 300 feet per second from a G&G M4 will sting if it hits bare skin, especially within 15 feet. To help reduce the effect of a BB shot, wear appropriate clothing. For new players, jeans and a hoodie will suffice. Keep in mind the weather however. If the field is outside and the weather is hot you might need to reduce your layers to ensure you do not overheat.

#7 For your first game, wear a full face mask

Veterans of the airsoft hobby are used to BB strikes and may go into the field wearing just a set of goggles and a mesh mask to cover their face. For new players, we recommend using a full face covering paintball mask. These masks provide the maximum protection for your teeth, eyes, and ears. Nothing makes an airsoft day ruined more than an injury to these places.

#8 Follow all safety rules in regards to firearms with your airsoft gun

Treat your airsoft gun like a real firearm. This means following the 4 basic firearm safety rules. They are as follows:

  • Always treat the gun like it is loaded.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger.
  • Only point your gun at something you wish to damage.
  • Pay attention to what is in front of your target and behind.

Following these 4 safety rules will not only ensure you are safe, but the other players around you are safe. It is especially important to adhere to these safety practices while in the loading zone where players are not necessarily wearing their face protection.

#9 Don’t try to be a sniper on your first airsoft day

Sniping is cool. It especially looks awesome in movies and video games. However, in the world of airsoft, sniping is actually very difficult for a multitude of reasons with the main one being that even the best sniper rifles have an effective range similar to moderately upgraded AEG’s. We find that players trying to snipe on their first day end up having a poor go at it, and end up not enjoying the sport.

If you have any questions, please ask below!