Best Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Kids

Children love telling scary stories and watching horror movies! Usually, parents try to protect children from such entertainment, but once a year you can relax and turn a nightmare into an unforgettable holiday!


We gather celebration ideas for you to make this holiday exciting and very scary for your kids!

  1. Creepy crafts

Start with invitation cards for guests. Let them be mysterious and scary. You can artificially age the paper by dipping it in tea and add a cutout ghosts and bats.

The second essential and integral part of Halloween décor is a pumpkin. Children will happily take part in this fascinating process of carving the pumpkin, which develops imagination and perseverance. If you want to avoid the part of pumpkin carving, you can engage your kids in making this orange symbol of Halloween from paper. It can be either flat or voluminous.

If guests come without costumes, involve them in making masks. Together with kids, make masks from pre-prepared stencils – for example, masks of black cats and witches. Thus, each guest will immediately receive a handmade mask.

  1. Monstrous costumes

Imagine how lovely your kid will be looking dressed like a witch or monster. Here are three ideas for simple Halloween costumes for your children.


  • Take a sheet, make slits for the eyes and mouth and circle them with black markers for brightness. Adjust the length of the costume for the growth of the child. And the costume of a ghost girl can be decorated with a bow.
  • You will need a pointed hat made of black cardboard, a skirt made from the black net and a broom. Making this outfit will take you a couple of hours: build a hat, sew on a rubber band and take care of traditional makeup!
  • Simple eye bandage and bandanna will create a pirate look! If you want your little pirate to stand out, place a blue birdie cutout from the paper on the shoulder of your son! No pirate can be imagined without a parrot!
  • What decorations come to your mind when talking about devil? I bet those are horns, a tail, and a trident. Clothing can be ordinary – black jeans and a red shirt for a boy or a red and black dress for a girl. But accessories have to strike the eye! Play with eyebrow gel and make your kid look insidious and sly!
  1. Horrible sweets

Traditionally, sweets for Halloween are made from pumpkin, corn, and apples, that is, from seasonal products. But, pumpkin pie and baked apples won’t surprise anyone. You need unusual Halloween decoration ideas to make the treats horrible but delicious!


3 Halloween recipes:

  • Witch’s Eyes

Meatballs in tomato sauce, decorated with black olives – a simple and tasty dish for a Halloween dinner.

  • Witch’s fingers

Make shortbread cookies in the form of fingers. Do not forget to add almond nails!

  • Mummy in the hotdog

The usual hotdog will turn into a mummy if you wrap the dough around so that only a small piece of sausage remains from above. Take black pepper peas and attach them to the head to look like real eyes.

And for the dessert, surprise children with apples covered in caramel and cookies in the form of ghosts or maple leaves.

  1. Nightmarish entertainment

Download the music from the horror films, tie the children’s eyes and invite them into the horror room. First let the kids put their hands in a bowl full of eyes (peeled grapes), then touch earthworms (cold spaghetti with butter) and jelly.

And after turning off the lights, light the candles and remind the scary stories that were told to you at the pioneer camp at night! Children will be surprised that their mother knows so many horror stories and halloween facts for kids!

Don’t forget about family horror movies! What to watch to make Halloween for kids even scarier?

  • Casper
  • Hocus-pocus
  • The nightmare before Christmas
  • Coraline
  1. Webs and skeletons


Do not skip Halloween design ideas! Turn your home into Frankenstein’s castle! Put fake webs on the windows and mirrors, hang bats to the ceiling and put skeletons in dark places. Add orange, red and black colors to your living room and put an enormous scary pumpkin in the center of a dining table. Turn off the lights and use candles: those are must decorations for terrific Halloween house ideas!

If you have any questions, please ask below!