Tips on How to Start Vlogging With Your Mobile Phone [2020]

Starting your vlog with mobile is not rocket science but consistency matters a lot. The craze of vlogging is increasing day by day. Everyone is starting their vlogging channel.

You might think vlogging is all about expensive gadgets. If you are thinking so, you are at a fault. Vlogging is not about buying expensive equipment and making professional videos.

Vlogging is all about your daily routine life. You can start making videos if you have a smartphone with a good quality camera. Everyone has a smartphone, so why not start vlogging?

You need to consider several things before starting your vlogging channel. Here are some of the tips to start vlogging with the phone and stand out from the crowd.

1. Follow Your Passion

Before starting vlogging, you need to follow your passion. Make videos about a topic you love. Most of the people end up making videos within 1 or 2 weeks. A simple reason is the lack of motivation and passion. There are very rare chances of earning in the first 3 to 4 months of your vlogging career.

You have to keep uploading high quality videos to increase your chances of success.

2. Practice Yourself

The practice is something that makes you perfect in any field. The same is for vlogging, you need to practice a lot to create quality content. Try to speak in front of the camera as much as possible.

Watch out your videos and find the possible glitches. Try to sort out your issues with each new video. If you are a camera shy, no one would be interested in watching your videos. You need to have enough confidence to face the camera and practice would help you in gaining confidence.

3. Use a tripod

Now, you have enough confidence to face the camera. The next step is to get the required equipment. If you can’t afford to buy the equipment, you can start vlogging using some DIY ideas.

If you can afford, I would highly recommend buying the tripod. The bestphone stand for recording will help you out in making steady videos.

4. Lighting

Natural light is the best option for making vlogs on the phone. You don’t need to buy expensive lights to make videos. If you are outdoor, you can easily use the natural light but in case you are making the video in the room, use your window to get the natural light.

5. Microphone

Video with low quality audio resulted in less watch time. If you want to keep your audience engage, you have used quality audio with your video. If you are recording video on your mobile, you can find the affordable mic for mobile available online.

If you can’t afford to buy the mic, use your handsfree mic. When I started making videos, I used my handsfree as a mic for several months. If you have a good quality handsfree, you can record the desired quality of audio.\

6. Use Landscape Mode

While shooting your video, always use the landscape mode. Try to use the rule of third to record the video. Landscape mode helps in covering the surrounding area in the video.

It makes your video more engaging when you add things from your surroundings along with your object. You can cover a park, garden, or any historical place.

7. Use Airplane Mode

While shooting your video, always use airplane mode. If you are not using airplane mode, you are going to waste a lot of energy while making videos.

Airplane disconnects your mobile from any sort of network. You don’t need to worry about any disturbing call while making videos if you are using this mode.

When you receive a call during shooting, it affects your audio badly and you have to record the audio and video again. To avoid any sort of issue, use airplane mode.

8. Storage

Before making a video check out if you have enough storage to store the new video. Furthermore, you must a rough idea about the size of the video you are going to record.

For example, if you are going to record a 5 minutes video, you must have an idea about the total size a 5 minute video can take.

Keep extra storage on your mobile by using the external memory card. The best way to deal with data storage is to use the external hard drive. Whenever you shoot a video, store it in the external hard drive to create extra space for the next video.

9. Edit

Editing is the most important part of any video. You can turn your raw video to high quality and professional content by properly editing your video.

I would highly suggest learning the basics of editing before starting your vlogging. You can take any online course on YouTube to learn video editing. If you know the basics, you will get expertise within no time while editing your videos practically.

Always find the unique ideas to edit your video, use the latest trend to make your video more engaging. You can also use trending video clips as most of the vloggers are already doing. Adding a funny clip to your video make your video engaging.

If you have a laptop or computer, you don’t need to edit your videos on mobile. Simply, download any video editing software and start editing your videos on the computer like a pro.

10. Uploading and Sharing

Now, you have created a high quality video. The next step is to upload it to the internet and share it with the community around you.

Most of the vlogger as using YouTube for vlogging. Use a catchy thumbnail on Canva before publishing your video.

Always use private mode to upload your video. Use a catchy title along with the detailed description and relevant tags. When your upload is complete, change the visibility to the public and publish the video.

The first 30 to 50 minutes after publishing the video are crucial for ranking your video high on YouTube. Share your video on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.


I hope this article would help you out in starting vlogging with your mobile phone. I tried to keep the article as simple as possible. I hope you will get the most out of this article. Don’t forget to share this article with the community around you if you find it helpful.

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