Top 3 CS:GO Cases To Open in 2020

Opening CS:GO cases has always been fun. A lot of players prefer opening cases more than playing a game. However, not all cases are actually worth it. Some cases contain better skins and it is just better to open them. But what is the csgo best case to open in 2020? There is actually no “best case”, but there are a few cases that are surely better and more profitable than the rest of them.

Spectrum 2 Case

The Spectrum 2 case is spectacular in many ways. The starting price of this case is as low as $0,07 and it is practically negligible. The case itself hides 30 possible knives that can be worth thousands of dollars. The best knives you can get from this case are Butterfly Knives; Doppler and Marble Fade. Both knives can be easily sold for more than $1000 which makes a great profit. On the other side, if you aren’t looking to sell them, it is also magnificent to use them in-game as they hide special animations and amazing designs. The knife skins aren’t only the valuable items you can get out of this case. It also hides AK-47 The Empress, which can be worth more than $300 in StatTrak edition. Besides knives, there are 17 different skins in this case and 5 of them are worth more than the price of one key. If we look at the StatTrak editions, 12 of them are worth more than a key needed to open this case. In other words, you may not profit but you have a great chance to get another key for free.

Prisma Case

A case that hides 24 possible knives, with Talon and Ursus being the most valuable ones. This case is unique in many ways. If you aren’t looking to sell your items, you should definitely open Prisma case. Every single skin from this case looks spectacular for you to use in competitive gameplay. Truth to be told, not all of them are expensive because they are not so rare. However, a lot of people play with those skins just because they look nice. The price of this case is just $0,03 because there are so many of them out there. Look at it this way, if you open a knife or M4A4 The Emperor, you can sell it and profit from it. In case you open something less expensive, you can still play with it and use it in-game.

Glove Case

Every CS:GO case except for Glove Case hides knives as the ultimate reward. Glove Case is unique because you can get 1 out of 24 available gloves skins in the game. The price of this case is a little bit more expensive, $0,57 to be exact. However, it is still not too expensive to open it, considering you can get gloves or some rare Cover Riffles like M4A4 Buzz Kill or SSG 08 Dragonfire. If you open gloves, you will profit for sure. There aren’t any gloves on the Steam market worth less than $100 and some of them even exceed $2,000 in value.

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