Tips For Enjoying Your Office Holiday Party

Do you find yourself obligated to attend your company’s holiday party? Well, it does take time, energy and extra work to attend.

However, this party is meant for connecting with people of whom you spend over 40 hours a week.

For instance, imagine that you are all worked up and meanwhile your company decides to take everyone on a corporate day out to the nearest f1-themed event venue. They have arranged for a day full of fun activities that you can enjoy individually and in groups.

So, would you bail-out on such a day because you are too worked up? Or would you rather make time to really enjoy this office event? Don’t think too much! We are here to help you feel a little less anxious about such parties and events.

Here are five ways you can make time to really enjoy such events and not worry about your children or going home early for once.

1: Decide if you will be bringing your spouse along

How essential is it to you to get your spouse along for the official event?

Your co-workers may be eager to meet your spouse, but ultimately it is your choice. There are many company events that strictly do not allow for a plus one, so make sure you confirm before inviting your partner.

In case your spouse is not coming for the event, they will be home to watch over the children. This way, you do not have to be worried about them or arrange a babysitter to take care of them.

But if your spouse does come, you need to find a babysitter, prepare dinner ahead of time and clean the house. However, don’t be anxious as your support system will be with you for the night.

Make a choice and commit to it!

2: Find a Dependable Sitter

Hire a babysitter well in advance, especially within days of you finding out when your office event will be. If your parents or in-laws live nearby, you can even ask them to watch over the children.

This way, the grandparents would be able to enjoy a night with their grandchildren while you make an appearance at your office event. Inform them in advance as well.

If you are determined to hire a babysitter, it is better to start looking for recommendations from your friends. After all, you would want to feel comfortable with whoever you leave your children with.

3: Plan Dinner for the Kids Ahead of Time

Prepare an easy go-to meal for the night, something that the sitter or your spouse can cook. Make sure that you are buying the required ingredients the weekend before so that you are not storming the supermarket the night before your office event.

In case you are ordering in, call a day prior and set up a time for delivering the meal.

4: Get Yourself Ready for the Party

Chances are that you will be working on the day of the party, which is bound to use up a good amount of your personal energy. If it is possible, get to bed early the night before. Have a good and heavy breakfast in the morning and drink more water than you normally consume. This will help your body gain more energy and eventually help you enjoy your evening later.

5: Give Yourself a Curfew

Find out what is the schedule for the event. You certainly want to make it during the cocktail hour and dinner time. But will there is any activity before that?

On the other hand, will there be anything special after the dinner that you would want to be a part of? If yes, then make sure you are going prepared for it.

Once you know the schedule for the event, set a time at which you would like to leave the office event. You do not have to be a party animal to socialize and network with your co-workers.

Giving yourself a curfew will make you feel confident when you start saying goodbyes. Since you have made up your mind beforehand, nobody will be able to convince you otherwise.

Also, you would want to let your spouse or sitter know when to expect you home.

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