8 Fun Ways To Use Wedding Signs At Your Wedding

The use of Wedding Welcome Signs is one of the most popular wedding trends. Whether you use it to greet your guests, direct your guests to a particular area of your wedding venue, guide them where to sit, or announce the programs of your marriage ceremony, a wedding sign is a valuable part of your special day.

Wedding signs add extra decoration and keep your guests informed whether you want to have a beach, garden, rustic, or boho wedding on your special day. You can use a sign with a relevant message for almost every element of your wedding, such as seating, marriage program, eating, drinking, and dancing. Here are some fun ways to use a Wedding Sign on your special day:

  1. Send a message

Great! You have made all the arrangements such as playlist, the dessert table, the cocktail area, the reception, the dancing floor, etc. Make all these arrangements complete with a few simple signs. Shop a customized wedding sign or make one with the use of a flat chalkboard/wood piece and paint of your favorite color. You can include your names and marriage date, along with a greeting message in your Wedding Welcome Sign.

  1. Disclose the timings with clock images on acrylic or wooden surface

At a wedding, several marriage rituals and functions take place at different times in different areas of a wedding venue. As a bride, groom, or a family member of a bride/groom, you know what will happen at what time at the wedding. You can disclose it to make your guests feel comfortable. Take a flat wood piece or glass. Use white paint to write the timings for each function at your wedding. You can draw the images of clocks to show the timing for each function.

  1. Use wedding signs to guide at your wedding venue

A Wedding Welcome Sign can do a lot for your guests while greeting them at the entrance. The wedding signs with arrow marks installed at the entrance are very helpful. You can utilize a combination of arrow marks on a wood piece or acrylic to guide your guests to the bar, toilets, dance floor area, and dining area at your wedding venue. Your guests will have an easy feeling while attending your marriage ceremony.

  1. Inform the guests for the arrival of bride and groom

Usually, there are flower girls and page boys at a wedding. At your wedding, you can make them more adorable by requesting them to hold cute signs while walking down the aisle. By using your fun or creative ideas, you can personalize them to look traditional, funny, or soppy. You can use smaller signs stating your arrival in the wedding area or utilize Mr & Mrs to reserve your seat at your wedding.

  1. Utilize wedding signs to ask your guests to upload their photos

In some weddings, guests are asked to share their clicked images to show their presence. If you want to have photographs of your wedding guests, you can create a photo booth at the venue and hang/install a wedding sign requesting the guests to share their photos. You can draw an image of a camera and write a personalized message on that wedding sign.

  1. Create a gorgeous menu

In weddings, there is a trend to let guests know what will be served to them at the wedding party. People apply various methods such as an individual menu card to disclose the items. You can use your wedding sign here. On the signage, you can create the images or write the names of the times that will be served to your guests at your wedding.

  1. Use your wedding signs for creating seating charts

If you have decided to assign a seat to each of your guests, a wedding sign with seating charts is a must to have at the entrance of your wedding venue. On this chart, you can write a personalized message like Your Seat Awaits after a greeting message.

  1. Ensure your guests to have fun

You and your family members have worked hard to make your wedding a unique wedding ceremony. Let your guests and family members loose and have fun. Create a dancing floor and direct your guests to it with a funny and compelling message like Dancing There and Don’t Miss A Beat.


Wedding Signs are a part and partial of a wedding ceremony. With their right usages, you can easily guide your guests for particular things/functions apart from greeting them at the entrance. How to make it fun and use it well totally depends on how creative/funny you are. By using your fun part, you can make your wedding signs more gorgeous and helpful to your guests. They will love to see such uses of wedding signs.

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