The Popularity of Casinos in Sweden

New casino to Sweden every month

By and large, a new Swedish casino is launched every month, and it does not look like it is slowing down, on the contrary. There are probably not many countries that are as associated with online casinos as Sweden.

There are many Swedish companies that are associated with online casino and online betting. Many of these companies have become very successful and some of them are even world famous.

This article will go through what has made the casino so popular since its inception, sometime in the mid-1990s.

Sweden and IT = Casino

Sweden has long been a great power when it comes to IT and other new technology. We Swedes are very interested in new technology such as mobile phones, computers, broadband (Fiber, 5G). Information technology quite simply. With the information technology we have in Sweden, it is not so strange that casinos and betting have become so popular.

The high-speed Internet is also what has made so many gaming companies target us, Swedes, even though we are not a particularly large country.

In addition to foreign gaming companies, Swedish companies have also gained interest in casinos and betting. This means that Swedish companies were involved early in the gaming industry.

Some of the largest Swedish gaming companies are Svenskaspel.se, Betsson, MrGreen, Unibet, and LeoVegas. We now have many gaming companies here in Sweden. These were just some of them.

Sweden has a good infrastructure when it comes to online entertainment

We, Swedes were early to use the internet when it came. Both on the computer and the mobile. But it was precisely our smartphones that accelerated the development of mobile casinos.

So when our mobile phones caught up with our computers technically, something happened to the gaming industry. The development now took off in earnest.

Of course, this with good infrastructure has not only to do with the casino. Sweden is a country that is always at the forefront when it comes to IT and infrastructure.

We, Swedes will certainly be among the first to try new entertainment with high bandwidth when that time comes.

Sweden’s gaming monopoly – A success factor

Sweden has had great success with its gaming monopoly. There is an incredible amount of money that has gone directly into the treasury that way.

Sveriges Spelmonopol was wound up in 2019 and replaced gaming licenses for gaming companies that want to conduct games and gambling in Sweden.

These licenses apply to online gambling. Physical casinos located in Sweden are still operated by Statliga Casino Cosmopol. Whether other physical casinos will emerge is currently unclear.

In Sweden we have svenskaspel.se – Here you will find two categories. Casino and Sports and Tour. In addition to svenskaspel.se, we also have atg.se – Here you can play trotting and galloping. In addition to betting on horses, the gaming company atg.se also conducts casino and sports betting.

Swedish gaming legislation – A boost for the gaming industry in Sweden

The Swedish gaming monopoly created some of the conditions for casino, poker, and bingo to become so incredibly popular in Sweden. But Malta has also helped create interest in the gaming industry in Sweden. To a very high degree, we want to say.

In 2019, the Swedish gaming monopoly was abolished, and the new gaming laws came into force and came into force in 2019. This has been very good for the gaming industry in Sweden.

The new gaming law has solved several problems and made gambling in Sweden much safer. Today, virtually all gaming companies such as some of those listed on casinokix.com, that want to be seen in our country have adapted and obtained a Swedish gaming license.

There are several players in the gaming industry who come from Sweden

In the early 2000s, several Swedish gaming companies were already fans. They were often driven from Malta, as they were not allowed to gamble and gamble in Sweden, due to the gambling monopoly.

Several of the founders of these gaming companies were IT experts who had success in IT and Information Technology. They now gave the gaming industry a chance that has now proven to be a brilliant idea.

In addition to Sweden having major ownership interests internationally in casino, poker, betting, and gambling, there are also several Swedish companies that conduct game development in the gaming industry. These companies have greatly contributed to the development progress in recent years.

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