Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Hosting your kid’s birthday party at home is a great way to celebrate with friends and loved ones. With the weather warming up fast here in WA, what better way for a kid to spend a sunny birthday afternoon than jumping around barefoot in their own backyard? We’ve put together a checklist to help you plan a birthday bash for your little person that they’ll remember for years to come.

  • Choose a theme

Depending on how old your child is, pick a theme for the party that draws on their current interests. If they already have something in mind, great! If not, take a moment to sit with them and brainstorm how they would like their party to look and feel like. You could offer suggestions based on movie or book characters that they like, or search on Pinterest together for theme ideas. Kids love costumes, so you could ask guests to get creative and attend the party dressed up to fit in with the theme!

  • Decorations

Once you’ve settled on a theme, it’ll be much easier to gather decorations and supplies that tie into the particular style of the party. Get your little one involved – this is a great way to spend quality time together and build up excitement for the big day. You could spend a few afternoons together shopping for decorations or making some of your own. You don’t have to spend a fortune – just pop into a local op shop or discount variety store for budget-friendly options.

  • Balloons

A bag of balloons goes a long way! You could tie some of these up around the house and backyard as decor, or even include them in your party games. You could fill them with water for backyard water fights, or fill up a bouncy castle with them and let the kids try to pop as many as they can. Hire a clown or magician (or dress up as one yourself) with balloon twisting skills to keep the party guests entertained.

  • Water Party

Splash, it’s time for a water party, a perfect pastime with swimming games in the pool. You don’t have to go far for the best summer activities – everything you need is in your backyard! Creative ideas can be a friendly game of volleyball or an inflatable ring toss which makes a great addition to your water fun. Have more fun with the inflatable crocodile. Host a crocodile wrestling tournament by adding some customizable pool floaties in the shape of a crocodile pool tube to help you play cool float racing games. And finally after water games, the perfect gift? A convenient personalized beach towel to dry and carry around.

  • Activities

Kids love getting creative. Why not set up a craft corner and let their imaginations run free? Just make sure the craft supplies provided are kid-safe and non-toxic. If you are getting paint or markers, make sure they are washable so you can easily remove stains. Let the kids try to create an item or character that relates to the birthday theme (e.g. paper plate face masks, finger puppets, and piñatas).These crafts also double as DIY party favours!

  • Bouncy Castles

Want a more relaxed birthday afternoon that requires less adult supervision? A themed inflatable might be just the thing. Research bouncy castle hire options to see what backyard-friendly inflatables are available. Whether your child decides to invite just a few friends over or have a big birthday bash, the bouncy castle you hire is sure to keep them entertained for hours. It’s a great way to work off some of those sugary treats too!

  • Face painting

Make it a memorable day by allowing time for some face painting. You could ask another parent to help out or hire a professional. Kids will love getting their faces decorated with creative designs and having their pictures taken to show off at school. Set up a simple photo booth where party guests can get their photos taken! Use streamers or fairy lights for the backdrop and fill the booth with silly accessories to see those little faces light up.

  • Food

Your child might like to have a birthday cake that ties into the party’s theme. The rest of the food and drinks could be decorated to fit in with the theme too. Food that looks fun makes for great pictures and is likely to entice any picky eaters. Keep in mind that some party guests might have food intolerances so be sure to check and prepare alternative options. You could ask parents to send their kids with a dish each, purchase some readymade platters, or have a fun day of cooking up some tasty treats with your kid. Fill some treat bags with lollies and even costume items to surprise guests with.

  • Games

The bouncy castle you hire for the party would be a great starting point for games. Some inflatables come with in-built slides and basketball hoops, which you can plan the games around. Capture the flag, freeze dance, and dodgeball are great for entertaining large groups of kids within the inflatable walls. If it is a cozier party, you could make a game of treasure hunt by filling the bouncy castle (or kiddie pool) with plastic balls and have the kids dive for prizes. The key is to keep the list of instructions short and easy to follow. If you get stuck for ideas, ask the kids what games they like to play at school and let them take the lead.

It can be overwhelming for you to have so many little guests in your home at once, bouncing around a space that is usually for relaxing in. Make a point to usher your guests directly into the backyard when they arrive so the fun stays outdoors. Happy birthday-planning!

If you have any questions, please ask below!