New Diet Called 5:2 Is Here to Dominate Our Minds and Bodies for Quite Long


Today you'll learn about a new diet known simply as 5:2 which has already proven itself effective. Plus, it doesn't require you to cease eating your favorite products makes the new diet a real deal-breaker for people who find watching one's calories too challenging. Invented by a well-known British fitness and dieting journalist Michael Mosley, together with a group of scientists and nutrition experts, 5:2 has been brought to life as a new effective and pretty healthy method to lose and control weight.

What are the main 5:2 dieting cornerstones?

Five days a week you eat the way you normally do. However, two days a week you limit the calories in your daily ration to 500 calories for women and to 600 for men. The most astoundingly pleasant thing about this diet is that you can keep on consuming your favorite products without any limitations (binge eating doesn't apply, it's still unadvised in any case).

As far as 5:2 goes, the system has but one key aspect. Don't cut down your daily portion in more than two sittings. Consuming 100 calories five times a day is not recommended. On the contrary, you are supposed to eat 1-2 times a day, making quite lengthy intervals to give your digestive system a nice break between food intakes. Nutritious breakfast and as fine dinner are the best way to go.

An important aspect is, on your fasting days high intake of water or herbal tea (caffeine-free) is must-drink. It will prevent dehydration and speed toxins elimination up.

8 healthy benefits of the diet

  • It's easy to understand and follow
  • Available for everyone from housewives to white collars
  • Lets you eat products you like
  • Is easily applied in everyday life
  • There are no side-effects
  • Spurs body rejuvenation and invigoration
  • You can start 5:2 whenever you like on any life stage and at any age
  • It's highly flexible and has a low entrance sill

A couple of minor flaws, related to commitment and persistent mostly

Same as any other dieting system, challenges related to 5:2 dwell mostly in the domain of psychology, motivation and consciousness. To follow any diet, including 5:2, one must possess a sheer amount of spiritual zeal and determination to succeed, or at least reach a point where merits and effects of every particular diet become visible.

And finally, you have to watch out for ‘quality' of calories you consume. For example, 300 calories taken from a French roll covered in jam are not similar to 300 calories received from brown rice, fried chicken and olive oil. Although 5:2 does allow you to keep eating what you normally eat during a day, a good head on your shoulders is still advised.

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