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What You Need to know about beard Trimmer

patchybeard2Simply speaking a beard trimmer is a machine that can be used to trim your beard with ease. And the basic performance of most the beard trimmers available in the market are satisfactory to its users. Yet there are some operational differences among the different brands, for example, some are cordless, some are having a cord to supply its power. However; it is me who hasf been deceived by the wrong beard trimmers at least twice a few years ago. I mean, that time, my beard trimmer wasn’t any suitable to my needs.

In order to find out the best trimmers for myself I discuss the matter with my colleagues and friends. What I learned from them is the scattered piece of information which is not sufficient for selecting a suitable one considering my circumstances. Eventually I typed several words on the Google search. And I have gotten some constructive information regarding beard trimmers of the market. Finally I went through several reviews on the amazon.com where there are hundreds of positive as well as negative reviews directly from the current users of the said products.

Hopefully there I got several useful and decisive reviews on the beard trimmers which ultimately help me choose the best beard trimmer for me by comparing the opinions of the colleges and friends. In this piece of the article I would just like to share my experiences with you. I think the men with similar requirement for choosing trimmer can find this write-up useful. Here I feel delighted if and when anyone can benefit from sharing of my personal experiences.

What is the Best Beard Trimmer 2016?

The manly qualities that is admired by most women in a man life, are, notably, a few in numbers, such as physical appearance, social status and professional standing. Meticulous as we are about our career, we can in no way underestimate the values of physical grooming. And it is the shaver or trimmer that plays the pivotal role in Mens’ Grooming. Definitely the shaver should be A1 for those who love a clean cut or close shave and for cutting your hair you can bank upon hair clippers.

The basic functional differences among shavers, trimmers and clippers. And those who dreams to have a different look with beard, must own a beard trimmer with higher performance. For preferring trimming to shaving, other causes include skin irritation, ingrown hair and acne. However; the term best trimmer is relative and varying man to man. Not all trimmers perform well because some can snag or scratch on skin. Above all, according to the most users’ reviews on Amazon suggest that the best one be the corded one with much flexibility of use and/or handling.

The Definitive Guide to Best Beard Trimmer 2016 for Men

For the easy making out of the finding from our research on best beard trimmer 2016, we have compiled this guide. As it is the matter closely associate with financial expenses, no words of mine should be granted 100% in the event of actual purchase. But it is our comparative chart (carefully prepared following several hours of research) of top beard trimmers available in the American and/or European markets.

How Do I Find Best Beard Trimmers for me?

To me, the most significant criteria include the bullet points below-depicted. Provided that you buy your beard trimmer following the below-mentioned criteria, your investment in buying beard trimmers would be a cost-effective one. The average life-time for a beard trimmer is around 4-6 years if maintained properly. The basics of identifying beard trimmer and nose hair trimmers is similar. Let’s note those points.

Furthermore; in preparing the definitive guide to best beard trimmer, we specifically take into account the following criteria:

  • Power supply options (Corded and non-corded)
  • Torque of the trimmer
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Availability of Customization options
  • Competitiveness of the price
  • Quality of the material used
  • Satisfactory customers’ reviews
  • Ratings from the customers
  • Warranty period

What are The benefits of Keeping a Beard?

Keeping beard has immeasurable benefits as opined by most of skin experts. The beard keeping can at ease block the Ultra-violet rays from the sun on our face and the amount of rays blocked can be around 90% to 95% which results in younger skin and the skin remains less prone to skin cancer. We can avoid the shaving nicks and woes if we don’t have a beard.

According to the psychologist, the traits and features a woman love in a man isn’t solely the tallness of a man rather it is the well-grooming appearance. We can achieve this by not only having a close shave but also having a beard as well. Achieving a different look and diverting the eyes of the viewers in case of losing hair on the top of your head, is solely possible through a beard.

What are The Advantages of Using Beard Trimmer?

However; your beard should always be which in return build your confidence as well as mental strength in order to perform better every day. So, shouldn’t we pay due attention in this regards? We can simply bank upon neither the pop-up trimmer included in the most shavers nor hair trimmer for giving the well-groomed bearded look to me. The solution lies in a beard trimmer itself.

Things to Consider in Choosing Beard Trimmer 2016

What is Battery Capacity of the Trimmers?

Suppose you have an appointment at 9 o’clock with a delegate from Japan. You might have forgotten to charge your trimmer at night. You are about to trim. No more trimming is possible due to the exhaustion of electrical power i.e. the charges it preserves. So; this description may be fictitious but we face every day this types of event. That is why; the charge time is a critical factor when choosing the trim machine for home. Now-a-days the standard of the charging capacity is better than those of the initial days of beard trimmers. You can find the best beard trimmer 2016 in our comparison chart that takes less than an hour.

What is Attached with Beard Trimmer package?

Almost every trimmer comes with necessary attachment to make the trimming process easy and customized. The required attachment is set at the head of the trimmers while other have it fitted into the bottom. Your personal needs determine the types of attachment you use while trimming. While purchasing is done, you have to notice the attachments the packages accompany.

Does the Trimmer have Moving Head?

Some of us may feel uncomfortable and pain in skin while trimming or shaving due to the skin sensitiveness. Even one may get irritated in the skin. Whether you have such types of kind sensitiveness or not, you have to be aware of the trimmer have had the moving head. The head will facilitate the shaving or trimming. Sometimes you have to shave close in order to have the precision in trimming. The good trimming/shaving suggests Excellency of performance in the jobs. Most of the branded beard trimmers including those of Philips Norelco and Braun are made of moving heads. The moving head is specially designed to avoid irritating the skin.

What is Trimming solution while Traveling?

Who does not need more or less travelling? Course! All are accustomed to frequent travelling. You may be a student, businessman or service-holder. You have performed to the expectation of the audience. Good performances require that much confidence. And to get the higher level of confidence, your attires, shaving, trimming should be A1. With a view to meeting those edges, carrying an electrical beard trimmer is the best solution. Thus you can avoid carrying safety razor, shaving cream and blade. Considering the above fact, one had better own a good beard trimmer from reliable brand. All- size, price, and operation- are easier than ever. Moreover a branded beard trimmer requires zero maintenance other than cleaning parts after shaving. The trimmers occupy little space in the luggage for the technology used in trimmer manufactures is up-to-date in every respect.

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