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What To Do After a Uber Car Accident

Traffic accidents can occur at any time when you are on the street, whether you are driving in ideal weather conditions or driving in the rain or snow. You will never know when a collision is about to occur. Therefore, if you are a driver, you must be prepared in the event of an accident while driving for Uber.

The Initial Situation

Generally, the handling of work car accidents is significantly more complex than that of everyday crashes. Given the imminence of this, a driver who finds himself in the uncomfortable but necessary situation of informing his company, Uber passengers, and the authority in charge of the case might be a little scared. Then there will be the corresponding questions about your insurance coverage and other procedures that you will have to attend to.

The Attorney

Therefore, if you were in an accident while driving for Uber, it is essential that you have an attorney to help reduce your stress level. You need a good attorney to guide you through everything you need to know. Your automobile accident lawyer will tell you what to do and expect when you are in a collision involving a car while driving for Uber.

Law Enforcement

Immediately after a collision occurs, if possible, move your vehicle to the side of the road. Next, check if you or your passengers have any kind of bodily injury. If you can safely get out of the car, also check for other people involved in the crash, such as other drivers, motorcyclists, or pedestrians. To avoid further damage and limit your liability, do not move anyone who is injured, especially in the case of serious injury. Instead, find out where they are injured before calling 911 to report the incident and the need for medical attention. Even if there were no injuries or property damage, you may have to report the incident to law enforcement according to local laws.

Taking Photos

Take any necessary photos of the accident while driving for Uber to document what happened. This includes taking photos of the crash site, the damage, and the license plates of the other cars involved. Remember that Uber will specifically ask for photos of all four sides of your vehicle.

Getting Pertinent Information

In addition to obtaining the other driver’s name, contact, and insurance information, including sharing your own, you will need to obtain the contact details of anyone at the scene of the accident. This is especially important if you were not at fault, as you will have witnesses to back up your claims about the incident.

The Phone Screenshots

One thing to keep in mind, if you were in an accident while driving for Uber, is everything related immediately before the incident. That is, the screenshots of your mobile phone at the time of requesting the trip or completing the journey before the collision. This is because you may need these screenshots as proof that you are eligible for Uber car insurance, as well as personal car insurance claims. Also, write down what you remember of the accident while your memory is clear. When an agent arrives, also write down their license plate number. This may be necessary for accident or injury claims.


Once the accident has occurred, be sure to call Uber as well as your auto insurance agent, but also call an automobile accident lawyer, so you can learn your rights. Accidents are never usually intentional. Uber drivers are not exempt from being in an accident. The idea is to be prepared for the unexpected.

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