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The Fascinating History and Interesting Facts about Playing Craps

Medieval knights played a dice game called Hazard, which is thought to be the original version of today’s game Craps that is played at online casino Australia. And if records are anything to go by, People have been playing Hazard for more than two thousand years. The game was popular among the nobility and aristocracy in Britain and France until the American Revolution. Bernard de Marigny was a French-American statesman who descended from wealthy Louisiana colonists.


He learned the game of Hazard in France, where it was known as “crapaud,” and brought it to New Orleans. The game quickly spread across the United States, but there was also a growing propensity to cheat in the game. Gamblers could use loaded dice to unfairly boost their chances of winning. If you’ve played dice for an extended period, you probably already know that a weighted die has a weight within it that causes the die to fall on a specific number more frequently.

Craps Tables Creation

While John H. Winn liked the game, he was concerned with whether or not players were playing fairly. So he tried to change it to ensure that they were honest. Winn developed transparent dice so that the casino might verify against cheating. It doesn’t end there, though. He also created the layout still in use today in modern Craps tables. He also incorporated a ‘don’t pass’ betting system. This permits some players to bet against the shooter. Most gamblers “tend to have a bad taste against the bad bettors” that play the ‘don’t pass’ line. Nonetheless, this invention massively revolutionized the game.

Popularity of Craps

During World War 2, Craps became incredibly popular. Interestingly, soldiers played street Craps without the use of a regulation board. They’d play on a blanket that they spread out on the ground, which gave rise to the term “army blanket roll.” The term “army blanket roll” refers to a dice control method where the shooter places the dice on an axis.

The shooter would then slide the dice down the table, hoping they would remain on the same axis on landing. There has been a massively significant advance in technology, but one thing that still stands out is that the game of Craps we enjoy today still has plenty of similarities to that one that Jon Winn created. One most notable change today though is that; with technology, we can play Craps online from anywhere, even against live dealers.

Quick Facts about Craps that You Probably didn’t Know

Craps is one of the most popular casino games globally, and it can be quite lucrative if you know what you’re doing. However, there are a lot of things that new players don’t know about the game. In this section, we will discuss some quick facts about Craps that you probably didn’t know!

  1. The Longest Craps Roll Lasted over 4 Hours

It’s difficult to achieve a seven when playing Craps. Usually, there are two dice involved, and getting the right number is tough. However, an older lady from New Jersey; Patricia Demauro, shattered all previous records and established a new one that will be difficult to match in the future. She completed 154 tosses with a pair of dice without interruption. The rolls lasted for more than four hours, and there were a lot of people eager to witness this amazing event.

  1. The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California

This mystery house is said to have 6-sided rooms to favor the odds of rolling specific numbers at Craps. It is said that a medium told Sarah Winchester that she should build onto her house for fear of spirits who would continue their attack upon her family until it crumbled down upon itself. The number 14 appears on many parts of the house due to the belief that this number protects against evil spirits entering one home (7 + 7 = 14).

  1. Crapless Craps

Crapless Craps is the game introduced before the shooter throws his first dice, while an additional “Don’t Pass” line allows players betting on the pass or don’t pass bets to act when there’s no point behind them. To make matters more difficult, some casinos have implemented rules that require additional rolls on the come-out to determine who wins.

  1. No More than Four People Can Gamble on One Craps Table

If five or six are playing on a given Craps game, the newcomers must wait. Many complaints about this rule prompted casino owners to find alternative ways of doing things. Some casinos allow for fewer players on certain tables but may institute different rules on how bets are paid out for games with fewer players involved, among other things.

  1. Superstitions

If you are an avid Craps player, you probably already understand that there are certain superstitions in place for Craps players. But, you may not understand why they are in place. Superstition has long been a part of certain games and sports in general. It is no different with the game of Craps. Here are some common superstitions that exist with Craps players:

  • Never say ‘seven’ when you’re around the Craps table: Players are forbidden from saying the word ‘seven’ as it may make the shooter to ‘even out’ something, which would end up in a loss for the shooter. Instead of ‘seven,’ the players should use words like ‘the devil,’ ‘it,’ or the ‘big red.’
  • You shouldn’t whistle at the table: Players should not whistle while around the Craps table because it is said to bring bad luck.
  • Don’t say ‘hit me’: If a player says ‘hit me’ in reference to being on a point number, it’s considered bad for that particular shooter. This is why players use words like ‘settle for it,’ ‘take it,’ or ‘stick.’
  • Anything that interferes with the game is considered bad luck: This runs the gamut from standing up at the table, pointing, or making physical contact with the shooter. It is believed that these things would disturb the energy of the game and bring bad luck.

Final Thoughts

Even though many players have mixed opinions regarding superstitions in sports, most people would agree that certain rituals and customs should be observed to keep the game going smoothly. The more you know about Craps, the better your chances will be of having fun, winning some money, and coming back for more.

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