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The Emergence of PayPal Online Casinos

With the implementation of new technologies, online gambling enjoys the benefits of optimised platforms, payment gateways, mobile play and a vast number of additional advantages. An increased amount of players are now engaged in online gambling, and just like any other online business, all those transact online, need assurance in terms of safety and security. In order for players to protect themselves from potential fraudsters on the internet, they need a safe, secure and reliable payment option. Among these options is the PayPal method of payment. Casinos that accommodate PayPal transactions, often feature as part of the most popular payment options available. A PayPal casino will offer you an easy deposit, fast payout, and guaranteed security online.


Since PayPal ‘s emergence in 1998, the company has developed into one of the most respected and trusted online payment ventures worldwide. This has led many businesses operating online to acquire PayPal as one of their payment options and for good reason. PayPal enjoys a long period of creditability among online users and online casinos have also used PayPal’s popularity and reputation to enhance their businesses. Further to this, PayPal acquired Fraud Sciences, a company with expertise in online risk tools to guarantee safe transacting to its many customers. Online casinos which use this method of payment, attract a large player base due to its easy accessibility. A list of such casinos featuring PayPal as an option includes Spinland, Hello Casino, Queen Vegas and Hopa, among others. These online casinos are able to compete with more established brands, as they offer players safer online transacting, coupled with a solid reputation of speedy processing.

PayPal is easy to use, mainly due to the fact that only an email address is required for facilitating transactions and logins. Players can easily deposit into their gaming accounts through efficient and effective one click payments. For the sceptical players who don’t want to keep large sums of money in their casino accounts, PayPal offers an easy way to transfer funds regularly from one account to another, thus you can top up your account only when you want to bet. You may also opt to withdraw any excess funds when you no longer wish to proceed with another gaming session.

It is common that many people play casino games simultaneously and when they win, it presents a huge challenge for online casinos to process all payouts within reasonable time without having to deal with dissatisfied clients. PayPal through its instant online payment system has made it much more convenient for casinos to issue fast payouts. With this payment method, players are able to withdraw their winnings in real time and within reasonable processing timeframes.

In addition to the above, PayPal can work as a separate checking account. In essence, what this means is that with the use of credit card linking, you can create accounts which are for specific purposes. For instance, you can create accounts for shopping, medical expenses and personal uses such as restaurants purchases. Players can make use of this great feature by creating a separate account specifically dedicated to fund online gambling transactions. This feature comes in handy as it will help you in managing your funds and keeping them to a set limit. With a separate account, it is much easier to keep track of your winnings.

On the flip side of the coin, a number of online casinos mention that they accept PayPal, though it has restrictive rules attached, making it casino operations somewhat more strenuous. The resultant effect is that some rogue casinos will trick you into signing up with them when in reality they do not have PayPal payment solutions. It is advisable to investigate before signing up with any online casino which purports to be working with PayPal. Online casinos working legitimately with PayPal, are those with who are registered in by the MGA, UK Gambling Commission, Estonia and Curacao, among a few other legitimate remote locations.


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