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Runaway Dogs: Tips to Keeping Your Roaming Pet Safe

grtgrgyeheherDoes your dog have a habit of running away the moment you open the door, drop the leash, or leave them unattended for a while? For pet owners who care about their dogs like a member of the family, the sudden fear at the thought that your dog is out there lost can be devastating, to say the least. Searching for your furry friend can take weeks and, in some cases, they’re never found. If you want to keep your buddy from escaping again, take heed of this advice.

Determine Why It’s Happening

Dogs run away for many reasons. Like humans, canines are inquisitive beings. They get bored, scared, frustrated, hungry, sad, depressed, want to be free, like to socialize, and even want to mate. There can be several reasons that your dog decides to bail the moment they see opportunity. Knowing why they are escaping can give you a more definitive game plan to prevent it in the future.

Find a Way to Track Them

Should your dog get loose, how long would it take you to find them? As you work towards finding more definitive answers for why your canine is running away, you should get proactive. Purchasing things like identification tags or Garmin Astro tracking collars would make finding and identifying your dog a lot easier. Should they get out, the tracker would immediately tell you where they are, while the ID would help others who may find your dog to contact you easier.

Tend to Your Dog’s Well-Being

Again, though your dog can’t speak to you, they are very much like you. Your dog needs to be happy, cared for, and constantly stimulated to minimize the chances of them wanting to run away. This includes making sure your dog has a regular feeding schedule with the protein and nutrients they need each day, ensuring that they get regular exercise, allowing them to engage with other pets such as attending doggy daycare or a dog park.

Don’t Make It Easy

Sometimes your furry friend can escape easily simply because you’ve made it easy for them to. Out of curiosity, excitement, or something of interest distracting them, a dog will easily hop over a low fence, squeeze through an open space, or wiggle out of a loose leash. Take a look around your property for things that can be fixed. Some things might include adding stones or pavers around a fence that’s easy to dig a hole under, make sure that all fencing is intact and durable, consider using a leash to prevent them from running out the front door.

Work on Training

Obedience training is a crucial step when you own a dog. It teaches them how to obey commands as they are given. A well-trained dog might be enticed to run away, but when called, they will come back without issue. You may need to turn to different training measures to get your dog to behave. Some ideas might include practicing calling your dog to where you are. Isolate them from all distractions. Step a distance away from your dog and then summons them to come to you. If they come, you should reward them with a treat or passionate rub. If they are disobedient, simply keep practicing until it gets better.

Much like children dogs require quite a bit of supervision, a lot of discipline, and a whole lot of love. If you’ve had episodes where your canine bolts at the opportunity to run away, there are things you can do to eliminate or at least minimize the chances of it happening in the future. From assessing their overall well-being to using tracking devices and repeat obedience training, you can reduce the chances of losing the pet you love so much forever.

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