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Revitalize Your Mood with a Room Redecoration

Room RedecorationThere's a lot going on around us that we tend to ignore for the most part. Our brains have to, or else we'd become overloaded with information. That's not to say these unperceived things don't find a way to influence us in some fashion. The way the space around us affects our mood is a primary example. We tend not to spend much time thinking about the way color, light, and arrangement of objects and the aforementioned impact the way we feel when functioning in these environments. Yet these factors are profoundly important in interior design, as we discuss below:


The colors of the walls, floor, furniture, and any artwork hanging or standing in a room will undoubtedly affect the inhabitants. Which colors invoke which emotions depends mostly on where we're from. For example while white is associated with purity and innocence in many western cultures it's the chosen shade for mourning in the Middle East and other parts of Africa and Asia. Generally speaking bold shades of color will generate feelings of authority, energy, and passion. Lighter shades make people feel cooperative, relaxed, and at peace with the world.

Matching and syncing colors between accessories, floors, furniture, and walls can be tricky but there are tools to help. The visual search service offered by LikeThatApps.com lets users find similar-looking items for sale online via similarities such as color. We can also cheat by sticking to one designer collection of paint and accessories as these are inherently matched to perfection-but that's not exactly the cheap or creative route.


Lighting is everything, if by everything we mean what can be seen. Far too often interior design fails to incorporate appropriate light arrangement in the final layout. Yet as much as color if not more, light influences our mood. Too much or too little light makes us unhappy. Good lighting makes us feel, well, good.

Good lamps capable of adjusting well-scattered light while remaining affordable and adherent to the overall design of our rooms are hard to come by. When we find one we shouldn’t run to the checkout line right away. Instead use a visual search service again to try and possibly track down a better bargain.


We've previously discussed the usefulness of applying feng shui to the layout of the home. Similar to the negative consequences of bad feng shui, ignoring the basics of interior design will leave inhabitants feeling ill at ease. Keep lines even by making sure end tables aren't taller than adjacent furniture, hang paintings at standing eye-level, and use a color wheel calculator to find a creative yet complementary color scheme.

Whether it's getting work done or catching up on our favorite television series our minds are typically not focused on the paint on the wall or the placement of the furniture. Yet these variables and others in a room are constantly impacting our mood if we want them to or not. Better feelings and more productive hours may only be a redecoration away. We won't know unless we pay a little attention to the rooms around us.

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